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Monday, October 31, 2011

Professional Regulation Commission : Licensure Board Exams Results

Have you taken any Professional Regulation Commission Licensure Examination and want to know if you passed?

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School : UP Open University

I didn't know that there are schools offering diploma courses thru on-line learning. This is a good opportunity for those who want go to school  but do not  have the time to attend classes physically everyday. Good to know that the University of the Philippines is pioneering on on-line education.
Now even if you are anywhere in any part of the world as long as you have internet access you can have formal schooling. Two thumbs up for UP Open University!!!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ecology : Old Tree

I took this photo of a very old tree in one residential compound in Antipolo. The tree is about a century old by the look of its trunk. I just feel good that the owner has preserved it and taken good care of it. A lot of the century old trees in Metro Manila are gone. Some were  fell down for the sake of development and progress( like road widening, etc.) Some were fell down by nature itself (typhoons, termites, etc). These old trees are living monuments and historical landmarks it's a pity if someday all of them will be gone.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Places : Marikina Landmark - The Kapitan Moy Ancestral House

The Kapitan Moy Ancestral House in Marikina City  is a fine example of a preserved Filipino-Spanish house and architecture. This type of  a house is normally called Bahay na Bato and mostly owned by the rich  meztizo Filipino families during the Spanish colonial period. It has big windows which is typical of Filipino architecture. Dwelling is at the second level, while the ground level is used as a storage area. The  Bahay na Bato is a contrast to the Bahay Kubo in terms of  building materials used. The Bahay Kubo is basically   made from bamboo and palm leaves although it has similarity in design with the bahay na bato ( big windows, dwelling at second level and storage at the ground level ).

For History of Marikina and Kapitan Moy  please click this site :

Project Review : Eastridge Golf Villas in Binangonan

If you are planning of buying a house in the suburbs  of Metro Manila but not  too far  from the city to sacrifice your malling activity  try considering this new project : Eastridge Golf Villas. Located  inside the Eastridge Golf and Country Club in the hills of Angono-Binangonan Rizal. The place is panoramic and overlooking the Laguna de Bay and Makati and Ortigas skyline.This village is just beside the golf course and is intended as a second  home for golfers after playing a round of golf at Eastridge. But the place is also open to non-golfers and who wants a home in a quiet natural setting. Price of a 2 bedroom  house with a lot area of 120 sqm and floor area of 60sqm. is P1,850,000. Yes, that's  the price. Reasonable. Advantages of living at EGV :  since your house is located in the hills of Binangonan there is nature all around you, you can sit bird-watching just at your porch ( you can see different bird species flying around ) or just watch the golfers hitting their tees in the fairway; learn golf if you are interested , there's a driving range walking distance to your house; or just go  swimming at the clubhouse; or just trek the hills around your house; or go to the Angono Petroglyphs Cave and Museum near the golf course; or have a fine dining lunch or dinner at the Eastridge Golf and Country Club( but I think you need a member to accompany you here ) By the way, about a hundred meters from your house is the Thunderbird Resort / Casino / Convention Center which is also located at Eastridge. They offer first class  daily entertainment at the Resort Casino, the entrance is free. You can also play some slots at the casino or eat at the restaurants in the resort. Eastridge Golf Villas is about  25 minutes to Antipolo City  and about  45 minutes to Ortigas, Pasig City. You can go to EGV via Quezon Ave. in Antipolo, or Manila East Road In Taytay or Mangahan Diversion Road in Pasig.

Here's the model house :

For inquiries please click this site :

Places : Sabangan Cove in Santiago, Ilocos Sur

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in our country that are not popular or unheard of. If you are a beach bum and wants to go to  a new and uncrowded beach destination try going to Sabangan beach in Santiago, Ilocos Sur. The beach is a cove with  creamy white sand and very clear water  but not much hotels and accommodations to stay.  Anyway, the hospitable Ilocanos are much willing to accommodate you as transients in case you don't find a hotel to stay.

Sabangan Cove, Santiago, Ilocos Sur

Location map of Sabangan Cove :
Map Source :

Places : Intramuros

The Philippines is one, if not the most beautiful country in the world when it comes to natural wonders, landscapes, sceneries and historical places. But our department of tourism is not able to promote them the way they should be. When I went to Malaysia a few years ago, they were  promoting in their tourist brochures, maps and tourism ads a historical arch as a must-see tourist destination  in Malacca. And here in the Manila, we have the Intramuros- the Walled Spanish city, full not only of arches but churches, museums, schools, a fort and other interesting historical landmarks all in one place. But our promotion campaigns of Intramuros  pales in comparison  with the way Malaysians promote this Portugese arch in Malacca. I hope our department of tourism will be more aggressive in promoting our tourist destinations. Our neighboring ASEAN countries are earning much tourism dollars/euros with their campaigns. Can't we do the same?

Environmental Issue : A Creepy Tree

Somewhere at Provident Village, Marikina  there is an old tree ( I think it's a Balete or Rubber tree ) that has encroached on the road, entwined on  utility cables ( Meralco, Telephone, etc.), posed danger on residents during typhoons because of falling branches and the possibility of the  tree falling over on the road. This was already reported repeatedly to the authorities concerned :  The village association, Barangay, Meralco and the Local Government of Marikina. But nobody among them would dare cut the tree or at least cut its branches. The reason? An old resident told me that everyone is afraid to touch the tree because they believe that spirits or "kapres" reside in the tree and those who will dare touch it will get sick, be possessed by the spirits or bad luck will befall them.  I had passed under this tree at night and if felt  like the branches ( which are almost touching your head ) were going to pick you up and gobble you up.
Any suggestion on what to do about it?
Here's the picture of that creepy tree :

Announcement : Review for the PRC-Real Estate Broker Board Examination

Project Review : Mount Carmel Village in Antipolo City

For the last two months, I have been brokering repossessed  townhouses. A lot of prospective buyers are interested in them because of their bargain prices. The townhouses with a floor area of 64 sqm. were priced  for only P900k( more or less ) and newly renovated / repainted. Really a bargain, considering that they are located in a good part of Antipolo City (near Assumption ).
But the problem is, there are only a limited number of houses that are repossessed with a bargain price. Almost all house for sale inventory are brand new and quite out of the budget of  most buyers. 

Construction updated picture January 2013 :
Roofing and walling of the condominium has started
I  checked a new development  in Antipolo last week. (The development though is not  horizontal but vertical, which means it's not a townhouse nor a single detached house but a condominium). I was surprised by the project's location and pricing. I didn't know that there is still a big parcel of land at the city center of Antipolo. And the pricing : a studio unit with a floor area of 23.28 sqm is selling for only P769,177.00. The project is a mix development of 2 condominium buildings, several row of townhouses in a 1.2 hectares property located near the Antipolo Cathedral. Tentative delivery date : June 2013. Comment:  Price-wise it's a good project. A good project to invest in.

Check the pictures  I took at the construction site. ( see above )

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tips : Ways of Cooling your Home

I was at the bank this afternoon and while waiting for the teller to call me, I was reading the bank's newsletter ( One Planters Bank-The Planters Bank Family Chronicle, Issue No.7). Just want to share an article in the paper which I think will benefit homeowners.

Article :

Cool Home Tips (to) help Combat Climate Change

Instead of relying entirely on mechanical cooling, simple solutions like shading and lighter paints can keep your home at a comfortable temperature, reverse the "island heat" effect and lower your energy costs up to 50 percent.

  • Train vine up trellises on the hottest side of the house. Keep the trellis at least 6 inches from the wall to provide buffer of cool air.
  • Plant trees on the southern and western sides of your property to provide shade. Shading can lower indoor temperatures as much as 7 degree Celcius and reduce the need for mechanical cooling.
  • Fit awnings or movable roof  to block out hot tropical sun. Light colored draperies and shades  can also help heat gain.
  • Encourage a natural breeze. Open windows in the evening to circulate cool air in and warm air out.
  • Paint your roof and walls a light color to reflect heat. Dark surfaces can be 21 degree Celcius hotter than white or silver ones. Heat stored in the walls and roofs continues to radiate even after sunset.
  • Be air conditioner smart. Keep tightly windows and doors closed. Use A/C  to take the edge off heat rather than creating a polar micro-climate.  Around 28 degree Celcius is fine. Turn A/C off an hour before you go out--the air will still be cool by the time you are ready to leave.

World's Best Island - Boracay Island Ranked No.4

Nice to hear some good news about the Philippines this time. This news will definitely  bolster our tourism industry and the already stratospheric price of real property in this island paradise known as "BORA".

" Boracay Island is ranked No. 4 as World's Best Island "

Check the news here :

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Metro Manila Geohazard Maps

I was thinking of what to post in my first blog entry, something quite interesting . . .but no ideas came to my mind.

So I just went to my review class instead. Something interesting was discussed in our review class : the geohazard maps of Metro Manila. Everybody in the class wanted to see the maps to know if their subdivision or house lies near or on the fault line. I was surprised to see familiar city landmarks right on top of the fault line, specially a flyover bridge where I always passed.

Download the maps below and check if your place is near them. But don't get paranoid if you find out that your house lies near the fault line. A note on one of the map  says as long as your house is five meters away from the actual fault line and doesn't straddle it, your house is safe. You can use these maps as references when buying real estate properties in Metro Manila, so you will know which places are in the danger zones.

Metro Manila Fault Zone Maps :

Marikina Valley Fault System :

See other maps here :
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