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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Places : Market Market-BGC,Taguig City to Valle Verde Country Club-Ortigas Center,Pasig City Road Map

How to go to Market Market-BGC Taguig City from Valle Verde Country Club-Ortigas Center and Vice-Versa

[A] Valle Verde Country Club-Ortigas Center, Pasig City  to  [B] Market Market-BGC, Taguig City

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Source : Google Map

Announcement : MVRB Elects Officers for 2013

Congratulations to the Marikina Valley Real Estate Board Inc. newly elected Board of Directors for 2013 : 

                      President :                       Arnel Cruzado
                      Executive VP :                Gen Sebastian
                      Secretary General :       Christine Joy Flores
                      Treasurer :                       Kristine Chloe Ramos
                      VP-Internal Affairs :     Eloisa Ona
                      VP-External Affairs :    Georgia Salazar
                      PRO :                                  Georgina Mallari
                      Auditor :                            Cherry Rodriguez
                      Business Manager :       Antonio Pilo

The MVRB Dynamic Team of 2013
From left : Cherry, Georgina, Georgia, KC, Gen, CJ
Seated from left: Tony, Eloi, Pres. Arnel

MVRB Past Presidents with 2012 Pres. Cezar  De Larrazabal (seated 3rd from left)
and Incoming 2013 Pres. Arnel Cruzado 
(seated 4th from right)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trivia : The Philippines - Most Emotional Country in the World

Filipinos the most emotional? I always thought the Italians are the most emotional people in the world. I had a chance of working with Italians for quite awhile and mind you the workplace was full of  drama. The scenes that you see in "The Godfather" movies are normal ( except for the killing of course ) everyday scenes with Italians around. They laugh, curse, talk, show affection in the full spectrum of emotions, couple that with their thick Italian accent, it's an opera.

But despite their being emotional and prone to sudden burst of temper, the Italians are one of the nicest nationalities I had worked with.

Click to enlarge map
Most emotional countries
Map Source :

Let me go back to the original topic : Filipinos the world's most emotional people?
There was one incident where a  fellow Filipino engineer and our Italian supervisor fought in the company where I used to work. They had a fist fight and if it were not for the intervention of cooler heads either one of them might have had ended up in the hospital. There was a lot of cursing and emotions while two engineers settled their differences.The Filipino engineer was more intense, and emotional in proving his point. In the end, our Italian supervisor ended up apologizing to the Filipino engineer.

If a Filipino can "out emote" an Italian, then I guess the survey is right, we are the most emotional. I hope that also translates to a higher EQ (emotional quotient) and not being emotionally challenged.

But the survey is not just about one end of the emotional spectrum, it encompasses the whole bandwidth of emotion: happy, sad and other emotions in between. To quote the article : "Filipinos were the most likely to admit feeling both positive and negative emotions"

I guess there is also some positive note to the survey when the article mentions :
Bloomberg Businessweek quotes Gallup’s Jon Clifton as saying: “If you measure Singapore by the traditional indicators, they look like one of the best-run countries in the world. But if you look at everything that makes life worth living, they’re not doing so well.”

Okay Pinoys, don't cry now!

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People : Josefina "Josie" Magumcia - Candidate : PhilRES Secretary General

Zoom page or click/save document to enlarge
Josefina Magumcia Profile

People : Jocelyn Serra Coronado - Candidate : PhilRES Vice President NCR-2

Zoom page or click and save document to enlarge
Jocelyn Coronado Profile

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

People : Daniel Romell M. Canlas - Candidate : PhilRES Vice President - North Luzon

    2013 PhilRES Candidate’s Profile
                                                     DANIEL ROMELL M. CANLAS
                                                    Candidate for : VP North Luzon

Member: PhilRES City of San Fernando Pampanga         
Position:         Interim President
Business or Profession: Broker/Appraiser, Lecturer/Resource Speaker
License No.  
REB - 0000027       A licensed Real Estate Broker since 1994 and have been in the real estate industry for 32 years
REA - 0001440       A bank appraiser and executive since 1980. A licensed Real Estate Appraiser in 2010.
I. Outstanding Achievement as Real Estate Broker/Appraiser/Consultant
Have worked with ASB Realty Corp. & DBS Bank PHILS., Inc. from 1980-1999 as Head of the Credit and Appraisal Department and retired as Senior Vice President.  In line with my task I experienced the first deal on “AIR RIGHTS” transaction in Makati Business District in the Philippines. My outstanding achievement in company acquisition of properties has to deal with Makati Brokers for transactions of huge amount giving the selling brokers’ the chance to earn huge amount of commission.   
II. Special Skills, Attributes, and Experiences Qualifying Candidate to Position 
Through the years I have held positions where my task for company operations deals with massive degrees of coordination and achieving deadlines for works to be done. The skills and learning experiences I have gained have armed me to best serve the interests of the RESP’s for the position I am vying for as VP for North Luzon Region.  
III. Goals for Advancing the Status of Real Estate Practitioners and How to Accomplish Them.
My goal for advancing the status of Real Estate Practitioners was initially achieved by bringing training and education to RESP’s located in far distance areas closer to the services that are often provided in Metro Manila only or operations are limited to the outskirt regions.   By reducing the cost of services for the practitioners, I believe more people in the community could afford the inexpensive learning’s and would become profitably engaged in the real estate services profession.                 

People : Ricardo G. Umali - Candidate : PhilRES Vice-Chairmam

PhilRES Candidate’s Profile
Ricardo G. Umali - Candidate : PhilRES Vice-Chaiman
Member :
President - PhilRES-Caloocan City Chapter
Antipolo City Realtors Board-Past President
Philippine Realtors Foundation- Past President
PAREB - Past National Director
Brother of Christian Businessman and Professional-Ortigas
Rotary Club of New Manila East-District 3780
School : Don Bosco, UP-Diliman

2012 Project Vice-Chairman :
Ten Outstanding Policeman of the Year
A joint project of Metro Bank and the
New Manila East Rotary Club, District 3780 

People : Enrico Melchor G. Sevilla - Candidate : PhilRES President

Zoom page or click/save document to enlarge
Enrico Melchor Sevilla Profile

People : Allan Ermel B. Melendez - Candidate : PhilRES Vice President for Brokers

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Allan Ermel Melendez Profile

Saturday, November 17, 2012

People : Congressman Rodolfo G. Valencia (RGV) - The Father of RESA (RA 9646)

Congressman Rodolfo G. Valencia (RGV)
The honorable Congressman Rodolfo G.Valencia from the 1st District of Oriental Mindoro will always be known as the as the Father of RESA (Real Estate Service Act or RA 9646). More than being a public servant and a lawmaker,  he is first and foremost a real estate service practitioner and a realtor. He started selling real estate at the young age of 16. He is a licensed real estate broker, real estate appraiser and real estate consultant. He was a top notcher when he took his real estate broker and real estate appraiser exams. He is also a real estate developer and investor.

His concern and love for the real estate industry is more than lip service. He endeavored and labored to professionalize the industry. As a congressman he filed a bill seeking to professionalize the practice of real estate service in the country in 1988. And for over two decades he  endeavored for the passing of the bill into a law. His efforts finally paid off when the Real Estate Service Act was signed into a law in 2009. Real Estate Service Practitioners will always be indebted to him for this law.

He started his political career when he ran and won as congressman of the 1st District of Oriental Mindoro in 1988. He then became the governor of the province for three consecutive terms, from 1992 to 2001. He returned to Congress in 2004. He was awarded one of the Ten Outstanding Congressman of  the Philippines in 2011. He is presently the Chairman of the Committee on Housing and Urban Development in the House of Representatives.

Congressman Rodolfo G. Valencia or RGV as he is dearly called, is also a successful  hotelier. He is the owner and Chairman of the Filipiniana Resort Hotel in Calapan, Mindoro Oriental.  

He studied high school at San Beda College,  and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Major in Management) from University of the East. He took his Graduate Study Program in Real Estate Management under the MBA Program of the Ateneo de Manila University.

He is married to Chalie Basa PeƱarroyo of Naujan, Oriental Mindoro. He has five children, namely, Joanna, Arnold, Charleston, Gerald and Nico.

Source :
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Trivia : Top 10 Most Read Books in the World

Just want to share this very interesting trivia to everyone. Have you ever wondered what books are the most popular and most read by people  in this planet? Here they are :

Click photo to enlarge

The Holy Bible tops the list, but how come the Holy Koran is not included? There are millions of copies of this other holy book, but I think they are not for sale unlike the Bible, so it doesn't fit the  criterion of the survey that a book should be sold and presumed read.

I was so sure that "The Godfather" is included in the list but it's not. People seem to be more inclined to read fiction. There are more fiction and fantasy books than non-fiction books in the list.

But what's really interesting to know is that after the Holy Bible, the second most read book is about Chairman Mao Tse Tung. Now I'm curious to read this red book.

Source :

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Announcement : PhilRES Sychonized Election Moved to November 30

To All PhilRES Members  and RESPs :
The scheduled PhilRES Synchronized  Election on November 18, 2012 has been moved to November 30, 2012. Please see advisory letter from the PhilRES National Directorate below. The reasons given for the postponement of the election are : a] to comply with the letter of instruction of PRC Chairperson Atty. Teresita Manzala on matters regarding election and review of the PhilRES New By Laws and b] to accommodate and give time to more licensed real estate service practitioners to submit their membership requirements to PhilRES and be classified as members in good standing (MIGS). Deadline for submission of PhilRES membership requirements is on November 25, 2012.

Please click letter to enlarge

Information : Schedules of PRC Licensure Examinations for 2013

Here are the schedules of the different PRC Licensure Examinations for the year 2013 :

Click photo to enlarge
PRC Schedules of Licensure Examinations for 2013

Please click link below to see the complete schedules :

PRC Official Website
Source :   PRC

Monday, November 12, 2012

Announcement : Marikina Valley Real Estate Board GMM and Election of 2013 Officers

Marikina Valley Real Estate Board (MVRB) 
General Membership Meeting and 
Election of 2013 Officers

Once again it's time for bonding, fellowship, fun,  
and good food!

Click picture to enlarge
MVRB the Friendliest Board
The jolly members of MVRB
Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City 
(Fronting Ateneo De Manila)
Date : November 26, 2012
Time : 6:00 P.M. onwards
Sponsor : Camella Condo Homes

It's the time of the year to elect our new set of MVRB officers for 2013. We are  inviting all MVRB members to attend our last quarter of the year General Membership Meeting. Be updated on the latest happenings on our beloved MVRB, and the current events and issues in the real estate industry. Schedules of our CRESAR and CEP seminars for the members will also be announced. 

Announcement : List of Official Candidates for the PhilRES Synchronized Election

To All PhilRES Members :
Here is the list of the official candidates for the PhilRES Sychronized Election with the respective positions they are running for :

Please click and save list to enlarge

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Information : LRA On-line Registry of Deeds Directory

Are you looking for some information regarding a particular Registry of Deeds Office in the country?e.g. address/location, name of registrar or contact number

Use the LRA On-line Registry of Deeds Directory.

LRA RD Directory Infographic Map

Here's how to use the LRA On-line RD Directory :

1. Click link below to go to the LRA On-line RD Directory :
An infographic map similar to the map above will appear on a new window.

2. Click on the infographic map the tag with the region's name where the RD you are looking for is located.
Example :
Click CAR tag ( Cordillera Autonomous Region) on the infographic map and it will give you a table with the addresses, the names of the registrars and the contact numbers of all RD offices located in the CAR.

Source :

Announcement : PhilRES to Push Ahead with Synchronized Election on November 18

The Philippine Institute of Real Estate Practitioners (PhilRES) Inc. the AIPO (Accredited and Integrated Professional Organization) of real estate service practitioners has decided to proceed with the long delayed PhilRES Synchronized Election on November, 18, 2012. This was officially announced by its National President Gene Sison during the occasion of the Induction and Investiture Ceremonies of PhilRES-Caloocan City Chapter at Max's EDSA, Caloocan City on November 8, 2012. 

PhilRES Synchronized Election
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Source :

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Information : eTitle - Converting Manually Issued Certificate of Title to an eTitle

Convert your manually issued Certificate of Title to an eTitle now.

Click brochure to enlarge
Requirements in converting to an eTitle

Advantages of converting to an  eTitle

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Trivia : "Haunted" House and Properties

On the eve of the long All Saint's Day weekend, I had a meeting with a friend and a fellow real estate broker. We were in the vicinity of Timog Ave. in Quezon City and we passed by a newly constructed mid-rise building. I told my friend that that building wasn't there a few months ago and that there used to be a fenced vacant lot in its place. My friend said he knows the history of the property and he told me that the lot wasn't sold for a long time because it is reputed to be a haunted property. Ghost and spirits were known to inhabit the old house that used to stand in the said lot. Now that the property was finally bought, and with a beautiful and modern building constructed in it, its reputation that it is haunted will finally be laid to rest.

I had an experience of offering a house for sale where somebody died. Initially, I didn't know that the house has a "history" and I wasn't informed by the owner about it. I eventually learned about its history from the neighbors and verified what I learned with the owner. The owner admitted that indeed somebody died in the house. From then on, I tried to offer the house with a "briefing on its history" to the potential buyer. So far, no takers. To these day, the house is still unsold and unoccupied. 

True or not, I guess a lot of people still consider properties tagged as "haunted" as macabre reminders of the past. 

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