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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Metro Manila Geohazard Maps

I was thinking of what to post in my first blog entry, something quite interesting . . .but no ideas came to my mind.

So I just went to my review class instead. Something interesting was discussed in our review class : the geohazard maps of Metro Manila. Everybody in the class wanted to see the maps to know if their subdivision or house lies near or on the fault line. I was surprised to see familiar city landmarks right on top of the fault line, specially a flyover bridge where I always passed.

Download the maps below and check if your place is near them. But don't get paranoid if you find out that your house lies near the fault line. A note on one of the map  says as long as your house is five meters away from the actual fault line and doesn't straddle it, your house is safe. You can use these maps as references when buying real estate properties in Metro Manila, so you will know which places are in the danger zones.

Metro Manila Fault Zone Maps :

Marikina Valley Fault System :

See other maps here :
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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the links to maps that shows the fault lines. It is very useful very useful. :-)