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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Places and Travel : Philippine Direct Flights to Brazil - No Visa Required for Filipinos

Good news for Filipino travelers, there will soon be direct flights between Brazil and the Philippines. And there will be no hassles of applying for a Brazilian visa, because Filipinos are not required visa to enter Brazil. Filipinos planning to visit Brazil will now spend lesser airfare and will have shorter travel time, this also means that more Pinoys would have a chance to go and watch the FIFAWorld Cup on 2014, and join the grandest festival on earth : the Rio Carnival.

Besides being a  beautiful country, what makes Brazil a good place to visit are the Brazilian people. I heard they are one of the the nicest people on earth, in fact, a survey conducted ranked the Brazilians as the "least rude people on earth". A beautiful country with great and interesting culture, and nice people at that, Brazil is indeed a perfect place go and visit.

Aqui chegamos Brasil!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Petition : For Developers to Stop the Hiring of Unlicensed Real Estate Practitioners

To All PRC-Licensed Real Estate Service Practitioners :

Please support this petition for real estate developers to stop the hiring of unlicensed real estate practitioners in compliance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. 9646 (The Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines) specifically ---Rule IV Section 29---

SECTION 29. Prohibition Against the Unauthorized Practice of Real Estate Service. No person shall practice or offer to practice real estate service in the Philippines or offer himself/herself as real estate service practitioner, or use the title, word, letter, figure or any sign tending to convey the impression that one is a real estate service practitioner, or advertise or indicate in any manner whatsoever that one is qualified to practice the profession, or be appointed as real property appraiser or assessor in any national government entity or local government unit, unless he/she has satisfactorily passed the licensure examination given by the Board, except as otherwise provided in these Rules is a holder of a valid certificate of registration and professional identification card or a valid special/temporary permit duly issued to him/her by the Board and the Commission; and, in the case of real estate brokers and private appraisers, they have paid the required bond as hereto provided.

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Announcement : Approved Real Estate Brokers - PRBRES Resolution No.19 (Series of 2013)

Here is the list of PRC Approved Real Estate Brokers Without Examination :
Approved Real Estate Brokers ( PRBRES Resolution No.19 Series of 2013 )
Under Sec & 20 Art III of RA & 9646 :

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Announcement : Approved Real Estate Appraisers - PRBRES Resolution No.18 (Series of 2013)

Here is the list of PRC Approved Real Estate Appraisers Without Examination :
Approved Real Estate Appraisers ( PRBRES Resolution No.18 Series of 2013 )
Under Sec & 20 Art III of RA & 9646 :

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rants : Why are the Chinese Filipino Communities So Silent on the Abuse of Filipinos in Taiwan?

I am reprinting a portion of Philippine Star columnist  Federico Pascual's article on his Postscript column dated May 19, 2013. I hope that the Taiwanese people (the new generations) would read his article and realize that the Philippines was one of the few countries who helped the Kuomintang Chinese, and gave them refuge when communist forces were pursuing them after their defeat.  Some of them remained in the Philippines and became citizens and residents of the country.

The irony of it is that : the Taiwanese (whom the Filipinos helped during the Chinese civil war) are now badly treating and  hurting the Filipinos (OFWs) in Taiwan. But what is bothersome is the silence of the Chinese Filipino communities on the abuse of Filipinos (OFWs) by the Taiwanese. Their silence is quite "deafening". Haven't heard any of them condemn the abuses committed by the Taiwanese on OFWs. Do they even care? I believe they do. Because this is not about race or nationality, it's about people needing help.

The Chinese Filipino communities should immediately exert efforts to help these hapless OFWs and help our government rescue them from the Taiwanese. They could use whatever leverage or influence they have with Taiwan or even China to help the Filipinos be protected or rescued from the Taiwanese.

Mga kababayang Tsinoy, please help the OFWs in Taiwan.

Taiwanese are now not just burning Philippine flags
but also hurting Filipinos(OFWs) in Taiwan
"When communist hordes overran China in 1949 in the concluding chapter of a civil war, the Philippines gave aid and sanctuary to Kuomintang Chinese fleeing the mainland on way to Taiwan. Many of them settled in Manila and flourished in business.

Now they are treating us like rubbish just because one of them was killed by stray bullets when their boat intruded into Philippine waters last Wednesday and tried to ram a Coast Guard craft that accosted it.

The President of the Philippines humbled himself and apologized for the unfortunate death of one of the Taiwanese intruders – but this was rejected by Taipei as “insincere.”

Next time we feel like apologizing to a neighbor, especially if he is a renegade Chinese, we should find out first if the apology would be accepted."

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Project Update : Thunderbird Residences Condotel - Leisure and Investment Option

Thinking of a good real estate investment? Consider the Thunderbird Residences Condotel  at Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union. 
It's leisure and investment option combined.

Thunderbird Residences Condotel Investment Option

Poro Point Thunderbird Resort with superimposed computer generated
Thunderbird Residences Condotel wings ( in yellow outline )
Construction Update Pictures
 Thunderbird Residences Condotel- South Wing
Construction Status :  On-going
Completion Date : Q4 of 2013

For inquiry please contact : 
List and Sell Realty Group
Mobile : 0928-5024470
E-mail :

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trivia : The Best Dressed Voter During the Election : Senator Chiz Escudero

Going to your voting location; looking for your precinct room and number; looking for your name and voters number in the voters list; and finally, queueing in a very long line in suffocating school corridors in the heat of summer and high humidity, is a torturous procedure most of us voters undergo during elections in the Philippines. The only way to minimize the inconvenience is to dress up comfortably, and bring the ff : a small bottle of mineral water or Gatorade, a face towel, and a think cardboard to use as fan.

Here is a picture of Senator Chiz Escudero when he voted at his precinct, showing us how to dress up comfortably during elections. Comfortable and stylish (see the tie?)! Nakatuck-in pa!

Sen. Chiz Escudero
 Congratulations to Senator Chiz Escuderuro for winning in the election! 
Topping the senatorial race at No.4 is a feat! 

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Property Listings : Vacant Residential Lots Near Valle Verde Country Club, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Click lot plan to enlarge
Concreted front parking portions of  Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3 at street level
Vacant Lots For Sale in a Guarded Subdivision Near Valle Verde Country Club 
and Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Lot 1 - Approximately 92sqm – P5.520 M (Reserved)

Lot 2 - Approximately 129sqm – P7.095 M (Reserved)

Lot 3 - Approximately 177sqm – P9.735 M (Reserved)

Lot 4 - 207sqm - P11.385 M (Reserved)

Lot 5 - 207sqm - P11.385 M (Reserved)

Update : As of May 17, 2013 all the above lots are reserved already.

Note : For Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3 - Contiguous lots can be combined if bigger lots are desired.

Lot Description : 
Lots 1, 2, and 3 are ideal for "split-level" type of house. 
Lots are lower than than the street level.

For inquiry please contact : 
List and Sell Realty Group
Mobile : 0928-5024470
E-mail :

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Property Listings : A Nice 2-Storey House and Lot for Sale at Capitol 8, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

House and Lot for Sale at Capitol 8
 Big Kitchen

For Sale 

A nice and newly renovated 2-storey house and lot located at a very good section of Capitol 8, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

Description :
The house has 4 Bedrooms with individual Toilet & Bath, One semi-partitioned upstairs Bedroom with Toilet & Bath, Den-Office, Maid’s Room with Toilet & Bath, Big Kitchen, 4-Car Garage, Laundry-Drying Area.    
Lot Area : 400 Sqm. and Floor Area : Approximately 385 Sqm.

Selling Price : P30 M  

If interested please contact :
List and Sell Realty Group
Cel. 0928-5024470
E-mail :

Trivia : The Best Picture of the Philippine Election 2013 - Erap and Isko : Manila's Winning Team

The Best Picture of Philippine Election 2013

Erap and Isko - Manila's Winning Team
Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Joseph Ejercito Estrada and 
Incumbent Vice-Mayor Isko Moreno for winning the mayoralty election in Manila. 
May pag-asa ng luminis ang kapaligiran ng Maynila gaya ng San Juan.

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Rants : Election Day Blues - Deserving Candidates Didn't Make It

I feel bad . . .

. . . .that decent people with good track records in government service, like former Senator Jun Magsaysay and Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn didn't make it to the top 12 of the senatorial race in the recently held election, while some candidates easily won by just using the name and influence of their fathers. Sayang!

Former Senator Jun Magsaysay
Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn
. . . .that Vice-President Binay who used to oppose the Marcos dictatorship ( I used to admire him for that ) has become the icon of political dynasty in the Philippines. His daughter's candidacy in the senatorial race didn't help lessen the suspicion on his dynastic plan. He would have more credibility and respect as a leader if he could minimize the the number of his family members having positions in the government. Sobra na apo!

VP Jejomar Binay

How about you fellow Pinoys, what are your election day blues? Please share them.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Events : Philippine Senatorial and Local Election, May 13, 2013

Ang maayos na pamahalaan at kinabukasan ng ating bayan ay nasa kamay ng mga mamumuno sa atin. Kaya dapat nating piliin ang mga taong karapat-dapat na maglingkod sa bayan. Tayo ang magluluklok sa kanila sa pwesto. Nasa ating mga boto ang ating kinabukasan. 

Paalala : 
  • Piliing mabuti at maging mapanuri sa mga ibobotong kandidato.  

  • Huwag ibenta ang boto sa mga manlilinlang na kandidato. 

  • Tandaan lang po ang mensahe ng poster sa baba :

Vote Wisely!

Poster Source :

Information : Senate Bill 3300 - The Crowdsourcing Act of 2012

There are newly coined words that we read or hear but we do not know their meaning. Some are not even listed in the dictionaries yet. One of these new words is "crowdsourcing." What does it mean?

Definition of CROWDSOURCING :
-the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers

crowd + outsourcing

First Known Use: 2006
Source :

I first heard the word at a forum where the speaker, Sen. TG Guingona III, was discussing the bill he filed in the Senate, the SB3300 : Crowdsourcing Act of 2012. Initially, I had no idea what he was discussing   because the word : crowdsourcing was Greek to me. But I eventually grasped the meaning of the word.

The Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 is definitely not an ordinary bill. It's a simple bill. It is a bill that will allow people to participate in the lawmaking process. The bill aims to promote : transparency, accountability and people participation in the lawmaking process through the use of internet or online technology. 

Quoting the first paragraph of the bill :

"Section 1. Purpose of the Law- The  Act seeks to allow the people to participate in the legislative process, online and/or with the use of information and communications technology, providing effective and mechanisms therefor."

"The bill would seek to allow citizen participation in the lawmaking process, from the filing of the bill, through the initial public consultations, the debates, up to prior to the bill's approval."[1]

"With the bill now filed at the Senate, Guingona is now calling on citizens to help improve the bill - through crowdsourcing. He is asking Filipinos to give suggestions, comments, and position papers on the bill, through email and social media."[2]
"I know that this first version of the bill is not yet perfect -- and YOU can help improve it," Guingona said in a post on his official page on Facebook.[3]

Now is our chance to directly influence the lawmaking process of our country. Let us help Senator TG Guingona improve the SB 3300 : Crowdsourcing Act of 2012. 

Let our voice be heard. Let's participate in the crowdsourcing. Let's support with the Crowdsourcing Act 2012.

When people are allowed to participate, we have better laws. When people are allowed to participate, we have better people. . . . . Sen. TG Guingona III
Click poster to enlarge
Crowdsourcing Act of 2012
Click link below to read the complete text of the SB 3300 : Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 :

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Information and Update : Revenue Regulations No.6-2013 - BIR Updated Rules on Taxation of Sales, Barter and Exchange

Please be informed of the updated rules and regulations from the BIR concerning taxation of sales, barter, exchange and other disposition of share of stocks held as capital assets. These new rules apply immediately.

Click document to enlarge 

Please click link below to download PDF format of updated BIR rules and regulations :

Source :

Sunday, May 05, 2013

People : Manuel (Noli) "El Subastahero" Alleje - Talks On Foreclosed Property Investing

During the Q1 General Membership Meeting of Marikina Valley Real Estate Board at The Grove by Rockwell-Pasig last Feb. 28, one of our guest speakers was Mr. Manuel (Noli) "El Subastahero" Alleje. He discussed about foreclosed property investing. His topic was quite interesting and significant which held everyones' attention during his talk, but I think his being an engaging and humorous speaker had more to do in getting his audience's attention. Anyway, his discussion on foreclosed property investing, and the open forum that followed was very educational and enlightening.

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to share and post earlier about his talk on foreclosed property investing on this blog, I wasn't able to write down the important points and facts of his talk during that time. Like everyone in the audience, I was engrossed listening to him.

Members of MVRB with Mr.  Manuel Alleje during the
MVRB GMM at The Grove by Rockwell-Pasig
MVRB President Arnel Cruzado handing over the
plaque of appreciation to  Mr. Manuel "Noli" Alleje after his talk
Mr. Alleje recently guested on the ANC TV talk show: On the Money, as a resource speaker on foreclosed property investing. I'm glad that his interview on the subject was recorded and posted on You Tube. Please watch this video because you will surely learn a lot from him on the subject and get some tips on real estate investing. Here's the video of Mr. Alleje's interview by ANC-On the Money.


          About  Mr. Manuel (Noli) "El Subastahero" Alleje :
  • Produced the First Real Estate TV Talk Show : The Property Forum
  • Pioneered the Auction Sales System in the Philippines  
  • Bid out over 4,000 real estate assets all over the country
  • Foreclosure Sales of over P8 Billion
  • Purchased the Asset Holding Corp. of G.E. Money Bank
  • Exclusive Marketer of Andrea North and Lee Gardens Projects
  • Heads the International Network Development and Local Sales Productivity for Landco Pacific
  • PRC-Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Property Listings : 2-BR Condominium Unit in Pasig City

Looking for a good investment in a very good location? Check this out!

Location :
Valle Verde Mansions
4-Storey Condominium
Henry Javier Street corner 
Oranbo Drive, Pasig City

For Sale :  2-BR Condo Unit @ 2th Floor  

Description :

Floor Area : 89 sq.m.(area inclusive of parking slot for 1 car), 
2 Bedroom with maid's room, 2 Toilet and Bath. 

Price : P3.7 M. inclusive of one parking slot at ground level. 

Price also includes use of Valle Verde Country Club facilities.
Please click link below for map location of Valle Verde Mansion :

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

History and Events : May 1 - International Workers' Day

Today is May 1 : International Workers' Day. I would like to dedicate this post to all OFWs and Filipino Migrant Workers. Ang mga bagong bayani. Mabuhay po kayo!

Overseas Filipino Workers in Qatar
Among the nations of the world, the Filipino is one of the most scattered people in this planet. They are second only to the Chinese or  the Indians. The "diaspora" of Filipinos to the different parts of the world is more of labor related reasons than intentional emigration. A big portion of this diaspora left during the Marcos regime when jobs were offered to Filipinos in the Middle East and Africa through government-to-government labor contracts. 

The OFWs or Filipino migrant workers is not a recent phenomenon. Earlier groups of Filipino migrant workers composed of farm workers, sailors, doctors and nurses left for the US decades earlier. But the earliest recorded migration of Filipino workers were those of Filipino sailors and laborers of Spanish galleons going to Mexico and the Americas during the "galleon trade"centuries earlier. Another group of early migrant workers during the period of the galleon trade were the Filipino Catholic evangelists helping Spain propagate Christianity in other parts of the world. To this day, Filipino sailors and workers are manning the hundreds of commercial and cruise ships plying the high seas of the world.

The Overseas Filipino Workers(OFWs) are called the new heroes or "bagong bayani" of the Philippines. Many OFWs endure hardships, discrimination and loneliness in foreign countries where they work, and sacrifice a lot of things in life for the future and betterment of their families. Most of these migrant workers have success and good stories to tell, but there were also some tragic stories about them.

The best compliment ever said about the Filipino migrant workers is : "If you would take away all the Filipino workers around the world, the world economy would stop." But whatever is said about the Filipino migrant workers, the Filipino nation will always be grateful to them and will acknowledge them as the real "saviour of the Philippine economy."The billions of dollars of OFW remittances was the reason why the Philippines survived all its economic problems in the past. The OFWs will always be the main pillar of the Philippine economy.

Indeed, the OFWs are the true heroes of the Philippines and the world at that.