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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trivia-People : Levi Celerio - National Artist for Literature and Music

Levi Celerio - National Artist for Music

This morning, a piano repairman came to our house to fix our old piano which was submerged in a flood a few years ago. He was referred to us by a gracious lady neighbor who plays the piano and who also had her piano repaired recently. Piano repairmen are rare artisans because aside from their piano repairing skills, they are also adept in music, in fact most of them play the piano by "oido". 

After the introductions and negotiation on the piano repair cost, Mang Leo, the piano repairman,  started to work and carefully disassembled the piano. Watching him work, I realized that piano repair  is a very meticulous job. While working, he would engage any person near him in a conversation about music, artists, etc. After a while, we asked him to stop working and rest, and offered him some snacks. And while he was he resting, somebody turned on the TV for him to watch while eating his snacks. At one point, the popular singer Regine Velasquez was performing and upon seeing her on TV, he mentioned that it was his father who enjoined Ms. Velasquez to join a singing competition on TV which she eventually won. He got me curious and I asked who his father is? Nonchalantly, he replied : "Si Levi Celerio po." 

Yes, you read it right. The Levi Celerio, our National Artist for Literature and Music, and composer of our national Christmas carol, "Ang Pasko ay Sumapit ". And the only recognized "Leaf Musician" in the world by Guinness Book of World Records. Realizing who his father is, I said that his  father is a National Artist, and a famous composer.

If I am impressed with Mang Leo's artisan skills earlier, now I am also impressed with his musical lineage. I guess our piano is in good hands.

Levi Celerio - Leaf Musician

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Announcement : 2013 PRC Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam Passers

Congratulations to all the passers of the recently held PRC Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam last March 17, 2013. A total of 1,928 examinees passed the exam out of 2,969 takers.

Kudos to Mr. Jacob Tan Ng of Ateneo de Manila University (Quezon City) for topping the exam and to Ateneo de Manila University for having a 100% passing rate.

Below are the list of the Top 10 Placers and the complete list of new Real Estate Brokers.

Click list to enlarge

Click link below for complete list of PRC Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam Passers :
Click link below for complete list of PRC Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam Top 10 Placers :

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Trivia : The Ides of March

The 15th day of March is called "Ides" by the Romans. This particular day of March became famous because this was the date Julius Caesar was assassinated in the Roman Senate in 44 BCE.

The assassination of Julius Caesar
In modern times, the Ides of March is best known as the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BCE. Caesar was stabbed to death at a meeting of the senate. As many as 60 conspirators, led by Brutus and Cassius, were involved. According to Plutarch, a seer had warned that harm would come to Caesar no later than the Ides of March. On his way to the Theatre of Pompey, where he would be assassinated, Caesar passed the seer and joked, "The ides of March have come," meaning to say that the prophecy had not been fulfilled, to which the seer replied "Aye, Caesar; but not gone." This meeting is famously dramatised in William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, when Caesar is warned by the soothsayer to "beware the Ides of March."
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People : Pope Francis I - Roman Catholics' New Pope

Argentina's Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the new Catholic Pope
Pope Francis I - Roman Catholic Church New Pope
Congratulations to all our Catholic friends and relatives, they have a new Pope : Pope Francis I.

Many non-Catholics may not have paid much attention to what has been going on at the Vatican City these past few days, they just didn't realize that the outcome of this very significant event in the Catholic Church would have a big impact on world affairs. The Pope who is the leader of the world's smallest state (Vatican City) and the largest group of believers, is one of the most powerful and influential person in the world. A good pope would definitely be favorable not only for the Catholics, but also for people of different beliefs and religious persuasions.

With all the problems besetting the Vatican and Catholic Church nowadays, they need a very good pope to lead and manage the Church. Reports say that the new Catholic Pope is "a brilliant and a very humble priest". His namesake St. Francis of Assisi must be very happy in heaven then, having chosen the saint's name for his papacy. We hope that the new Pope would live up to St. Francis' humility and simplicity of life.

Habemus Papam!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Property Listings : Leige Residences (Townhouses) - San Juan

Typical Floor Plans

Vicinity Map

The Leige Residences is located in a residential enclave in San Juan. There are eight (8) units still available for sale. The townhouse units have the following specifications :   3 Storey, 4 Bedrooms with Toilet and Bath, a Maid's Room,  Powder Room, 2-car garage,  very nice interior finish. Price is P9.8 million a unit.

For inquiry please contact : 
List and Sell Realty Group
Mobile : 0928-5024470

Announcement : Room Assignments for the PRC Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam

Professional Regulation Commission
Here are the room assignments of examinees for the PRC Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam on March 17, 2013 (Sunday) in the following cities : MANILA, ILOILO, CEBU and CAGAYAN DE ORO.

Please click links below for room assignments :





Reminder to all examinees :
Please follow examination instructions/rules below accordingly.

  • Examinees should report before 6:30 in the morning every examination day. LATE EXAMINEES WILL NOT BE ADMITTED.
  • Bring the following: Notice of Admission (NOA), Official Receipt, pencils no. 1 or 2,  black ball pens, metered-stamped window mailing envelope, long brown and long plastic envelopes.
  • Wear the prescribed dress code.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Trivia : Who Says Philippine Road Infrastructures are Substandard?

Filipinos are always complaining about the substandard road infrastructures in the country. You would normally hear these complaints and whinings during the rainy season, when the asphalt and cement potholes start appearing on the road causing inconvenience to road users, particularly the drivers. Well, maybe many of our roads' asphalting are substandard because contractors are scrimping on asphalt and cement due to their minimal profit margin on their government road project contracts.(I guess you already know why?)

The next time you complain about our roads being substandard, remember this picture below. It's a picture of a collapsed fly-over at Cyberjaya in Malaysia. So far, nothing of this kind has happened in the country yet.(Hopefully not!) Yes, we had some bridges collapsing in the past caused by strong earthquakes and overflowing rivers carrying illegally cut logs, but a newly-built fly-over collapsing for no reason is something else. This is what you call substandard. 

So you still think we have substandard road infrastructures?

A collapsed fly-over in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Events and Exhibits : AVIARUS - Philippine Avian Treasures

Click to enlarge poster
AVIARUS - Philippine Avian Treasures
The Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines will be holding a first of a kind photo exhibit  entitled : Aviarius - Philippine Avian Treasures, showcasing the diversity and richness of the Philippine avian wildlife. The exhibit will be held at the Altro Mondo Arte Galleria in Greenbelt 5, Makati City and will run from March 16 to April 5, 2013. The exhibit will feature  WBPP members' photos of the rarest and endemic bird species from different parts of the Philippine archipelago. This exhibit is part of the WBPP's information and conservation campaign on Philippine vanishing avian treasures.

Purple-throated Sunbird

Photo by :
Mr. Ven Rojas - WBPP Member 

Friday, March 01, 2013

Interesting Events : The Sabah Standoff - The Point of No Return

They have done it. They finally decided to end the 17-day standoff. The Malaysian police and security forces finally ended their siege on the Sultanate of Sulu's followers by attacking them with gunfire, which resulted in a firefight with the followers. The firefight ended with fourteen casualties: twelve Sultanate followers and two Malaysian police officers.

But the big question now is : Did the decision to attack the Sultanate's followers really ended the standoff? Or it just ushered the standoff into the point of no return. No more negotiations for the Malaysians, and no surrender 'til death for the Sultanate's followers.

The Malaysians succeeded to scatter, scare and demoralize the Sultanate's followers, but they created martyrs out of the twelve followers they killed. Now it's not only about the Sabah claim anymore, but also vengeance for the twelve martyrs who shed their blood for Sabah.

It wasn't a prudent move for  the Malaysians. The killing of the Sultanate's followers forfeited and ended their role as peace broker and negotiator for the Mindanao peace process. How will they talk about peace, justice and tolerance now? They lost their credibility as peacemakers. And with what they did, they practically included Sabah to the Mindanao conflict. The Malaysians really bungled big time. 

Not unlike the Sabah standoff, the twelve martyrs of Sabah have gone to the point of no return. Peace be upon them.

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Development : Solar City at Manila Bay - Is it a Good or Bad Development?

The proposed Solar City development map
The proposed area to be reclaimed in the last remaining waterfront
portion of Roxas Boulevard in Manila
Perspective of the area to be reclaimed in the Manila Bay area
The Solar City is a mixed-use commercial development project of Gold Coast Development Corporation and the City Government of Manila. The project would require reclamation of a 288-hectare portion of Manila Bay between the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard. This less than two kilometers stretch is now the only waterfront portion left of the Roxas Boulevard in Manila. This stretch also gives a good view of the famous Manila Bay sunset, in fact, it is the only place left to see the sunset along the boulevard. The  easement between the road and the seawall on this portion of the boulevard serves as a sidewalk and promenade for Manila's residents and tourists. With the the development of the Solar City, a big portion of the bay would be obstructing the sunset view along this area. As to how big the area that will be obstructed remains to be seen. But definitely, the 288 hectares would be a big area that would surely cover the immediate and peripheral areas near the  Cultural Center of the Philippines and Manila Yacht Club from seeing the sunset. 

Before and After the Solar City view of  the Manila Bay area.
Looking at the development plan or map of the Solar City, the project seems like a good development, except of course for its effects on : the traffic and business in this area, sewerage and flooding, soil liquefaction and the obstruction of the sunset view from Roxas Boulevard and Ermita areas.
Since this project requires reclamation of the sea, this project would take years to implement. The reclamation process alone would take years to dump big monoliths and earth into the sea. You can just imagine the extent of the area to be reclaimed, 288 hectares. After reclaiming the sea, the development would not proceed immediately. The reclaimed area would still need to settle and be compacted. How long would this process take? Definitely this would take a long, long time to ensure that the foundation of Solar City would be stable and not sink later on. After the reclaimed area is completely compacted, the actual development (horizontal and vertical) of the Solar City follows.

One problem for this project would be its access roads to the area. It has to use the CCP complex, an already developed tourist, business, convention, entertainment and hotel complex. All these establishments would definitely suffer when the reclamation starts. One option for the project's access road, so as not  to disturb the CCP complex existing establishments, is to break the seawall along Roxas Boulevard and make a new road leading to the sea area to be reclaimed. But this option would sacrifice the boulevard's traffic and landscape. 

Another issue on this development is the classification of Manila Bay coastal area as a national park and resort, and a protected area of historical and cultural significance. Our laws protect this area. The Manila city council's decision to enter into a consortium agreement with a private entity did not consider this matter. Manila Bay is a natural resource and is considered a national heritage and patrimony, use and development of Manila Bay should not solely be decided by the Manila local government but should include all stakeholders, including the sunset viewers of Manila Bay.

The Solar City project might be a good project that will enhance Manila's urban development and economy, but is it good enough and worthy enough for us to sacrifice the Manila Bay, our cultural and historical heritage, our patrimony, our sunset and many more?

So what do you think? Is Solar City a good or bad development?

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