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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Information : Documented History of PhilRES-AIPO

Please click below for Complete Documented History of PhilRES :

Announcement : Where to Submit PhilRES-AIPO Membership Forms and Personal Data Sheets

To All Real Estate Service Practitioners :

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Membership Processing Procedure :

PhilRES Membership Forms
Download PDF Format here :

PhilRES Member Personal Data Sheet :
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Note : If the downloaded forms are in JPEG format please convert to
 PDF format  and save before printing.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Trivia : Your job depends on your Zodiac sign

 I did a blog post on  Feng Shui  the other day, treating  it not a very serious subject matter. Well I just found out today that I was very wrong because the Chinese ( okay, mainland Chinese ) considers these matters ( Feng Shui, Astrology,etc,) very seriously. But I think this  one has gone overboard : a person's Zodiac sign is now a major requirement or consideration for a  a job he is applying for in China. I don't know if you will call this discrimination but when job requirements are  mixed with  things "etherial" or "religious" this is worse than discrimination. The good news is that  still only a few companies practice them.  I hope this doesn't become a trend. 

Here's the news :
A Chinese firm has decided Scorpios and Virgos are too moody and critical, telling job seekers with those star signs they need not apply. Capricorns, Pisces and Libras, on the other hand, are welcome.
The unusual requirements are part of a job ad posted at a university in the central city of Wuhuan by an English language training company, and have generated a storm of online controversy since they were uncovered this week. . . . .
Source : Yahoo Philippines

Please click here for complete text of news :

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Poster : PRC Real Estate Consultant Licensure Examination

November  27 & 28, 2011
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Compliments by :  PhilRES, IPREC, PARCS

Update : Repair Works at Buendia/Osmeña Flyover Starts Today

This is another update on the current road repairs on-going in the Metro. This update is besides the blog post I did yesterday. Today DPWH starts the repair of  another major road infrastructure the Buendia/Osmenia flyover . This is one of the main road artery going to Southern Luzon and will surely affect all south and north bound commuters and transportations coming/going to this area. Take these alternate routes if you are going to the south : EDSA, C-5 and the  Roxas Blvd/Cavite Coastal Road.The repair will go on for weeks. Below is the full update from DPWH :

This is to inform the public that the repair works at Buendia/Osmeña Flyover in Makati City will start on November 26, 2011. The South bound lane will be closed to traffic effective 6:00 AM of this date while the Northbound lane is open on a two-way traffic. The traffic flow will be reversed once the South bound lane is completed. The repair works is expected to be completed by December 15, 2011.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Update : DPWH Road Repair in Metro Manila Starts November 25

When I read this govenment update on road repair I knew that there will be chaos in the traffic situation of Metro Manila. Imagine simultaneous concrete reblocking and asphalt overlaying in major roads and streets of Metro Manila. The DPWH work and repair start from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. but the effect on traffic will be 24 hours since the roads that will be affected and under repair  will be impassable anymore. The repair starts today so those who are driving out in the Metro expect heavy traffic. And reminder keep your cool while driving!

The Department of Public Works and Highway-National Capital Region has advised motorists to expect traffic build-up in some sections of national roads in Metro Manila undergoing repair and improvement works.Concrete reblocking and asphalt overlay activities will take place at 10 PM of November 25 to 4:00 AM of November 28, 2011, and will affect vehicular traffic flow in the following areas:
a) EDSA, Northbound lane going to Monumento, 4th lane from center island (Limits: between Arellano Street and Ponce Street) under supervision of Third Metro Manila District Engineering Office
b) EDSA, Southbound, Quezon City (Limits: infront of JAC to infront of Track City; before Waltermart to Abenson; infront of Panorama; infront of 1009; infront of Hope Christian Academy; and infront of Hope Leadership Institute) under supervision of Quezon City First Engineering District
c) Manila South Road–Muntinlupa (viaduct section, ground level, Alabang, Muntinlupa City (Limits: L and B Compound to taxi terminal) under supervision of Second Metro Manila Sub-Engineering District
d) Zapote Flyover, Barangay Zapote, Las Piñas City (Limits: asphalt overlay of Zapote Flyover including approaches, eastbound, phase 1) under supervision of Second Metro Manila Sub-Engineering District
e) San Juan-Santolan Road, San Juan City, right inner lane (Limits: between 3rd West Crame and 4th West Crame, Km. 10+180 to Km. 10+191.40) under supervision of First Metro Manila Engineering District
f) San Juan-Santolan Road, San Juan City, left inner lane (Limits: between 3rd West Crame and 4th West Crame, Km. 10+209.50 to Km. 10+223; before and after 3rd West Crame, Km. 10+254.70 to Km. 10 + 282.20) under supervision of First Metro Manila Engineering District
g) C-5 Road, Taguig City (Limits: between Libingan ng mga Bayani Road and East Service Road) under supervision of First Metro Manila Engineering District
h) Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City (Limits: infront of road going to UP Diliman, infront of Technohub, IBP Road and BF, Don Antonio Heights to Nissan) under supervision of Quezon City First Engineering District
i) Katipunan Avenue/C-5, Southbound going to Ortigas Avenue (Limits: 2nd lane from center island between Sunrise Street and Rajah Matanda Street, and between Poseidon Street and Greenmeadows Avenue) under supervision of Quezon City Second Engineering District
Repair and maintenance of these national roads in Metro Manila has been coordinated by the DPWH with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.
For any concern, complaint, suggestion, recommendation, observation, please call 165-02; or text DPWH (space) message then send to 2920.

Source :  Office of the President Official Website



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Announcement : PhilRES is Now Officially the AIPO

The PhilRES ( Philippine Institute of Real Estate Service Practitioners ) is now officially the AIPO ( Accredited and Integrated Professional Organization )

The Professional Regulatory Board for Real Estate Service (PRBRES)  Resolution No.19 , Series of 2011 which officially  recognized and accredited the PhilRES as the Integrated Professional Organization of Real Estate Service Practitioners, is published in the Official Gazette (dated: November 14,2011). The Resolution shall take effect (15) days after its full and complete publication in the Official Gazette or in any major daily newspaper of  general circulation in the Philippines.
The Resolution states that : All duly registered  Real Estate Service Practitioners shall automatically become members of  the AIPO. 

Here is the complete text of  PRBRES Resolution No.19, Series of 2011 :

Please click article to enlarge

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Announcement : List of Examinees for the PRC Real Estate Consultant Board Examination for November 27 & 28, 2011

Good Luck to all those who will be taking the PRC Real Estate Consultant Board Examination on November 27 & 28 ( Sunday & Monday ). Please check your name ( and room assignment ) if it is included in the official list of examinees released by PRC.

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Or you can go to the PRC Website here :

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project Review : Tamarind Place-Antipolo

Here is a nice new project recently launched located in Antipolo City : The Tamarind Place.  It's a  40-unit townhouse pocket development along Buliran Road in Antipolo ( near Circumfencial Road ). The good thing about this project is the affordable price of the townhouse units. A middle unit townhouse is priced  between P1.6 to P1.7M and a corner unit is priced between P2.0 to P2.1 M. The project is very near Assumption College in Antipolo City. The model units are already available for viewing. Financing is thru Bank and Pag-IBIG. 

Home Tips : Feng Shui

How would you consider Feng Shui  : superstition, witchcraft, a science or  just practical tips. I'm more inclined to consider it as practical tips or useful pieces of advice. Although some of its beliefs border on the ethereal, it's generally practical and scientific. The only sure thing that everyone would agree about is that it is of Chinese origin. Anyway, here are some  Feng Shui tips for  your home.

Feng Shui is an ancient system of balancing the good and bad, the Yin & the Yang. This Chinese philosophy believes that the arrangement and positioning of things in our surroundings can affect the flow of energy, which can produce either a favourable or unfavourable effect on one's health and wealth. Below are some Feng Shui tips to improve the flow of good Chi (energy) in our homes:

● Clear the way leading to your front door. Do not leave any objects including shoes in front of your doorway, this will block good Chi that will flow inside you house.

●  Put a pair of Fu Dogs in front of your front door they guard your home or business against bad elements. If space is not enough outside your front door, you can place them inside the front door.

● If you have your front door or front window open directly to a window or door at the back of your house, place a big screen or furniture to block the alignment to prevent good Chi from entering and leaving your house straight away.

● Open your windows and curtains daily to allow sunshine and fresh air to come in. Good Chi will not come in if your windows are always closed. And health wise, our lungs need that fresh air to stay healthy. Also, if you have a vacant bedroom, do not leave it always closed and dark, bad Chi will linger in that room if it is left closed and dark for a long time.

Consider faux wood blinds or custom blinds to allow Good Chi to flow in through the windows as well.

● Plants which has thorns or spikes like the cactus is inauspicious, leave it outside your home. Instead of the cactus, use round leafed plants, wind chimes and crystals. All these are auspicious and will bring good chi inside your home.

● Find a way to brighten long and dark corridors. They trap bad chi inside your home and prevents the good chi from entering and circulating inside.

● It is good luck to place an aquarium or a fountain inside your home. Good Chi is attracted to water. A good place to place your aquarium is facing your front door inside the house to invite good Chi to come in. Other good places to put an aquarium or fountain: On the south-east element of your home for wealth, south-west for marriage, east for health, west for friends, north for career and north-east for education.

● Don't place your kitchen directly below a bathroom, nor place your kitchen in front or the centre of your house. Ideally, the kitchen should be located at the back of your home. And if you cook by open flame, it is best to cook outside the house.

● Inside your kitchen, do not place your cooking stove directly in front of the sink, water dispenser, refrigerator or washing machine, this creates conflicts between household members. Water and fire elements don't mix.

● Don't put mirrors that reflect your bed. Put your mirrors in bathrooms, inside closet doors or anywhere else but not in front or the sides of the bed. In Feng Shui, it is bad luck to have your bed reflected on the mirror.

● It is bad luck to have a table, chair or bed with a beam hanging over. A beam is a heavy object that pressure you down. If the ceiling is high enough it is best to cover the beam by putting up a flat ceiling. Also, don't put your staircase in front of the main entrance. It facilitates volatile and negative chi to go straight to the upper floor.

● Generally, choose smooth and rounded objects, corners, tables, counters as against sharp, jagged and knife like objects. Rounded things encourage the flow of good energy.

Feng Shui is all about the balance energy and enhancing the environment. For thousands of years, the Chinese have utilized Feng Shui to enhance harmony, peace and prosperity. We may still benefit from their ancient knowledge of Feng Shui today.

Source : Philippine Interior Design   [ ]

Monday, November 21, 2011

History and Places : The Laguna Copper Plate

Here is an interesting piece  on ancient Philippine history. This part of our history is not found in our history books and not taught in our schools. Before our country was christianized by Spain, we were an Islamic kingdom. But before we were Islamized by the Arabs were we once a part of a Hindu kingdom? These ancient  artifacts being found in different parts of our country seem to prove that we were once. 

Laguna Copper Plate

Laguna Copperplate Inscription (also shortened to LCI) is the earliest known written document found in the Philippines. The plate was found in 1989 by a sand laborer working on Lumbang River near the outlet to Laguna de Bay, in Barangay Wawa, Lumban, in the Lagunaprovince.The inscription on the plate was first deciphered by Dutch anthropologist Antoon Postma.[1][2]
The Laguna Copperplate Inscription was found in 1989 near the mouth of the Lumbang River near Laguna de Bay, by a man who was dredging sand to turn into concrete. Suspecting that the artifact might have some value, the man sold it to an antique dealer who, having found no buyers, eventually sold it to the National Museum of the Philippines landing in the hands of Alfredo E. Evangelista, head of its Anthropology Department.[8].[5]
The discovery of the plate has highlighted the evidence of cultural links present between theTagalog people of this time and the various contemporary civilizations in Asia, most notably the Javanese Medang Kingdom, the Srivijaya empire, and the Middle kingdoms of India, a topic in Philippine history of which not much is presently known.

It was in the National Museum a year later that the Dutch anthropologist and Mangyan language expert Antoon Postma noticed that the writing on the inscription was similar to an ancient Indonesian script called Kavi. Postma translated the script and found the document dated itself to the Saka year 822, which in the old Hindu calendar corresponded to approximately 900 A.D. in the Gregorian calendar.[3] This meant that the document pre-dated the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, taking the pre-Hispanic written history of the Philippines to about the same time as the reference to the Philippines found in the official Chinese Sung History for the year 972.
The Laguna Copperplate Inscription, among other discoveries made in recent years in the country such as the Golden Tara of Butuan and 14th century pottery and gold jewellery artifacts found in Cebu, is highly important in revising the ancient history of the Philippines, which prior to the LCI discovery was considered by some western historians to be culturally isolated from the rest of Asia, as no evident pre-Hispanic written records were found at the time. Noted Philippines historian William Henry Scott debunked these theories in 1968 with his Prehispanic Source materials for the Study of Philippine History which was subsequently published in 1984.[10] The LCI sheds light on the ancient Philippine history, which until the time of Scott was largely ignored because of the dominantly Hispanic-derived culture present during the Spanish occupation. This document is considered a National treasure and rests in the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila.

Source : 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Property Listings : A Filipino Architecture-Inspired House and Lot in Santa Rosa-Laguna

This beautiful Filipino architecture-inspired house and lot is for sale. It is located in an exclusive subdivision in Sta Rosa,Laguna. About 20 minutes drive to cool mountain resort of Tagaytay. The house is directly across the subdivision clubhouse  and  swimming pool. It has 4 Bedroom, 4 Toilet and Bath, Big Lanai, Extension of Living Room adjacent t o lawn (  good place for entertaining guests ) . Walking distance to Paseo Santa Rosa Mall, Wet Market, South Supermarket, Starbuckstional Bookstore, Mercury Drug, Shakeys, Debenhams, Jolibee, other restaurants and stores. It is also near  schools ( Don Bosco , De la Salle  and St . Scholastica )  and hospitals.

For details please click here:


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Announcement : Approved Real Estate Appraisers - PRBRES Resolution No. 20

Approved Real Estate Appraisers ( PRBRES Resolution No. 20 Series of 2011 )  
Under Sec # 20 Art III of RA # 9646

Please click PRC links  below for complete list of names  included in  Resolution No. 20 :

Announcement : Approved Real Estate Brokers and Cosultants - PRBRES Resolution No. 21

Approved Real Estate Brokers and Consultants ( PRBRES Resolution No.  21 Series of 2011 )  
Under Sec # 20 Art III of RA # 9646

Please click PRC links  below for complete list of names  included in  Resolution No. 21 :

History and Places : Cubao Circa 60's

One of the most familiar commercial and shopping centers in Metro Manila is Cubao in Quezon City. Strategically located in the crossroad of the two of the busiest  main roads and commuter train routes of Metro Manila : EDSA and Aurora Blvd. Situated in the center of Cubao is the iconic landmark Araneta Coliseum ( now named Smart Araneta Coliseum ). Cubao is currently undergoing a major construction boom which will turn the area into  a jungle of high-rise buildings similar to Ortigas and Ayala.
Have you ever wondered how Cubao looked before it turned into what it is now? Here's how Cubao looked then.

Click photo to enlarge
Cubao circa 60's

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reminder : Schedule of the 1st PRC Real Estate Consultant Examination for November 2011

I was suppose to take the Real Estate Consultants Review Seminar and eventually take the examination but when I saw the the scope of subjects to study and learned that there will be a feasibility study that  you have to defend to a panel of examiners I had jitters. So I backed out from the review. My level of confidence ( or intelligence? ) is quite low to take the exam this coming November. Hopefully I can take it next year.I  wish those who are taking the exam good luck. I'm posting this blog  as a reminder for them of the date of the exam. I guess this posting is rather late because the filing date for the exam had already passed.
Here's the text of the PRC announcement: 
The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that the examination dates for the first REAL ESTATE CONSULTANTS Licensure Examination have been re-scheduled from October 2 and 3, 2011 (Sunday and Monday) to November 27 and 28, 2011 (Sunday and Monday) in Manila only.
Click below to go to PRC site for details  :

Friday, November 18, 2011

Property Listings : Hollywood Terraces Condominium-Sumulong Hiway, Antipolo

If you are looking for a nice condominium  somewhere in Antipolo City, please check out the Hollywood Terraces Condominium along Sumulong Hiway. The units have panoramic view of the mountains of Antipolo. The Hollywood Terraces Condominium is located beside  Our Lady of Fatima University-Antipolo Campus and walking distance to San Benildo-Rizal ( De la Salle ).  Ideal residence for students studying in these  schools. The lower  floors  of the condo are commercial units with store, coffee shops and restaurants. Studio units and two 2-bedroom units with terrace are  available.

For details please click below

Update : Official Schedule of Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam- March 18, 2012

I just saw this news update on the schedule of  the  Real Estate  Broker Licensure Examination  from one of my favorite blogs : Foreclosure Investing Philippines. I posted earlier on this blog a schedule of the said examination. Please click  the the link below for the update :

Update : New Date for the Postponed Oath Taking Ceremony of the R.E. Service Practitioners

Just received on my  email the official new date for the oath taking ceremony for  Real Estate Service Practitioners which was earlier postponed.  The new date for the ceremony is January 31, 2012.  It's  a good thing the PRC-PRBRES has issued the announcement of the postponement /cancellacion  of the ceremony at the soonest possible time and has given a new date. This will give time for the participants of the said activity to change their plans and adjust their schedules. Two Thumbs Up for this!

Please see details of  announcement  below :

Please click to enlarge
Source : PAREB

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Announcement : Scheduled Oath Taking Ceremony of the R.E. Service Practitioners - Nov. 21 Postponed

I went  to PRC today  to register  for the oath taking ceremony scheduled on Monday November 21, 2011  and the PRC staff attending to me said  that the Oath Taking  ceremony is postponed. I asked her if there is already a memo issued on the matter and she said that there is none yet. On my way out of PRC compound I met  the Honorable PRBRES Chaiman EG Eduardo Ong and ask him if the ceremony is indeed postponed . He said yes it is postponed  and tentatively scheduleD on January 2012. This announcement is unofficial  yet, but I guess getting the news from the Honorable Chaiman himself makes it official for me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Property Listings : House and Lot in Rizal Village, West Service Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

This single attached house and lot is for sale. The house is located in Rizal Village, West Service Road , Alabang, Muntinlupa City. This is a part of the Primavera Homes (a project of Planters Development Bank Properties ) in Rizal Village-Alabang. Location is near the new Alabang Exit and Bus Terminal. This is brand new  and Ready for Occupancy.

For details please click below :

Announcement : CPE Seminar and PRC Real Estate Broker Exam Review - Batangas CIty

Residents of  Batangas, Laguna and Cavite who would like to take CPE credits and those are who planning to take the PRC  R.E. Broker Licensure Exam  will not have to come to Metro Manila anymore to  attend seminars. PAREB-Batangas City Realtors Board Inc will be conducting a Comprehensive Real Estate Review and Continuing Professional Education ( CPE)  Seminar  in Batangas City. For details of the review/seminar  please see poster below :

Please click poster  to enlarge

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PRC Schedule of Examinations for Real Estate Broker / Appraiser / Consultant

Here are the 2012 schedule of PRC examinations for Real Estate Broker, Appraiser and Consultants. ( Please see highlighted rows )

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

Source : Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards Inc.

Updates : GSIS, Pag-IBIG sign P5-B housing loan agreement for govt employees

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-IBIG Fund on Monday signed a credit facility agreement on the housing loans of government employees.
The P5-billion agreement was signed by GSIS president and general manager Robert Vergara and HDMF chief executive Darlene Berberabe.
GSIS and HDMF intend to synchronize efforts to implement government’s housing program after the pension fund for government workers scrapped last April its housing loan program for members, Vergara said.
“It has been a difficult decision for us to stop direct home lending for our members but we are, above all, obligated to them to ensure that their contributions are managed prudently for their greater benefit," Vergara said.
“More importantly, this agreement proves that the pension fund continues to be a vehicle for realizing the homeownership dream of our stakeholders in our role as a partner of Pag-IBIG," noted Vergara.
The GSIS board of trustees wants the pension fund’s home lending program — in place since the mid-1950s — rationalized following its dismal performance.
GSIS records showed that in 2010the pension fund lent P600 million in housing loans to more than 500 members, which pales in comparison to Pag-IBIG Fund’s total loans of P5.5 billion to over 11,000 government employees.
The Pag-IBIG loans are 10 times more that the GSIS figures and 20 times more than the number of government employees covered.
However, what makes the GSIS housing loan program truly disappointing was that half of the loan portfolio involving more than 16,000 housing units either were foreclosed or cancelled, Vergara noted.
As part of the agreement with Pag-IBIG, GSIS requested HDMF to put up a special lane for GSIS members and pensioners to facilitate the processing of their loan applications. — VS, GMA News

Source :  GMA News

Monday, November 14, 2011

Announcement : Schedule of the Oath Taking Ceremony of the Real Estate Service Practitioners - November 2011

Note : Postponed , New date for the Oath Taking  Ceremony will be on January 31, 2012

To All Real Estate Service Practitioners :
The Oath Taking ceremonies of the Real Estate Service practitioners for Consultants, Appraisers and Brokers, will be held on November 21, 2011 at the Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel , One Rizal Park, Manila at 1:00 o’ clock in the afternoon. For those names who were included in the prior approved resolutions may opt to attend the ceremony.

For PRC Official Announcement click here :


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interesting Places : The Spratly Islands

Click map to enlarge 

Spratly Islands is a group of islands near Palawan being claimed by the following countries : China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines. The group of islands in the middle of the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) is  a very rich fishing ground and is believed to contain big gas and oil deposits. As a matter of fact, one of the oil wells in Palawan lies near the area, which gives credence to this  speculation. Some of the countries are claiming the whole archipelago while some are claiming only parts or some islands. I did some research which part  or islands of Spratly is being claimed by the claimant countries and here is what I found : 

Click map to enlarge

Here is one interesting story related to the Philippine claim of  the Spratly Islands:
In 1947Tomas Cloma, a Filipino adventurer and a fishing magnate, discovered a group of several uninhabited and unoccupiedislands/islets in the vastness of the Luzon Sea also called the South China Sea.On May 11, 1956, together with 40 men, Tomas Cloma and his brother Filemon took formal possession of the islands, lying some 380 miles west of the southern end of Palawan and named it “Free Territory of Freedomland." Four days later on May 15, 1956, Cloma issued and posted copies of his “Notice to the Whole World” on each of the islands as a decisive manifestation of unwavering claim over the territory.
Then on May 31, 1956, Tomas Cloma declared the establishment of the Free Territory of Freedomland, ten days after he sent his second representation to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
On July 6, 1956, Cloma declared to the whole world his claim and the establishment of a separate government for the "Free Territory of Freedomland" with its capital on Flat Island (Patag Island). His declaration was met with violent and unfriendly reactions from several neighboring countries especially the Republic of China (ROC; on Taiwan since 1949) when on September 24, 1956 it effectively garrisoned the nearby island of Itu Aba and intercepted Cloma’s men and vessels found within its immediate waters. Unable to surmount the difficulties and pressure, he ceded his claim to the Philippines for one peso.

History and Places : Old Manila

This video of Old Manila is a historical gem. I think everyone should keep a file of this one. Most Filipinos today especially the younger generation do not have any idea how Old Manila looked. Here is Manila then :

Announcement : Marikina Valley Real Estate Board Inc.- General Membership Meeting and Election of 2012 Officers

The PAREB-Marikina Valley Real Estate Board Inc. will be having a General Membership Meeting and Election on November 16, 2011, 6:00 pm at Sunshine 100 Pioneer St, Mandaluyong City. 
Please click poster below for details.

Property Listings : Newly-built House and Lot in Antipolo/Marikina Area

This beautiful brand new house and lot is for sale. It is located at Our Lady of Lourdes Subdivision in Cupang, Antipolo. Although this subdivision is actually located  in Antipolo, it is near the boundary of  Marikina . Going there is thru Champaca St and Ponte Verde Drive. in Marikina. ( this is the elevated side of  the city). The subdivision is overlooking part of Antipolo, Marikina and Pasig and has a beautiful panoramic view of the area, even at night the view is still beautiful with all the light below you. The house is ready for occupancy.

For details and specification of the house please click here :


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Interesting Places : Marcos, Ilocos Norte

The town of  Marcos, Ilocos Norte was named after Don Mariano Marcos  the father of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. It used to be a part of the town of Dingras.  It is an agricultural town and rice production is the main industry. It is part of the so called rice granary of Ilocos Norte. The town lies in a valley  with very fertile soil and all year round irrigation coming from the nearby Codillera mountains. As a matter of fact some farmers  plant rice three times in a year. It is one of the few places where the rivers are still clean that you can still swim in them, catch fishes from them and even drink from them ( yes, drink! some of  the rivers have natural springs feeding them). And would you believe they still have deers and wild boars in their mountains. Interesting! The latest rumor in this town is that the Marcos family will be building a five star resort in the mountains of Marcos. 
Will the five star resort be a boon or bane to the town?

The unique  orange town hall of Marcos.

 A dam in  Marcos which provides all-year-round  irrigation. 

The fields and mountains of Marcos.


Events : Provisional New7Wonders of Nature - PPUR Included

The Provisional New 7 Wonders of Nature


The above are the provisional New7Wonders of Nature based on the first count of vote results on 11/11/11.

It is possible that there will be changes between the above provisional winners and the eventual finally confirmed winners.

The above provisional New7Wonders of Nature are listed in alphabetical order, not in any position or ranking.

The voting calculation is now being checked, validated and independently verified, and the confirmed winners will be announced starting early 2012 during the Official Inauguration ceremonies.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Events : Have you voted for Puerto Princesa Underground River to be one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature?

I just did. How about you? Fellow Filipinos let's all support the campaign for the Puerto Princesa Underground River to be included in the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Please don't waste you vote. Inclusion of the PPUR in this list would not only boost our tourism industry but will also globally upgrade and perpetuate the branding called "Philippines".

You can cast your vote either by online or SMS. 

How to vote :

A. For Online Vote : please go to the official website of the New 7 Wonder of Nature  and  register         your name and e-mail address.
                                   Please click here to vote :

B. For SMS-Text Vote :   Text PPUR to 2861  

                                              Cost per each SMS sent:     PHP2.00 (Sun)     PHP2.50 (Globe, Smart)

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Also called Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Thanks for your vote.