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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Information : Verify your PRC Examination Rating

Have you taken a Professional Regulation Commission examination lately and want to know if you passed or not? Or  you just want to know your PRC Examination rating? Verify it here :

Click PRC link below to verify your rating :

Sample Only :

Exam date 
Application no.    ex. 012345
First name
Last name
Birthdate  (mm/dd/yyyy)

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  1. Wonderful post, thanks for putting this together
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    1. you're welcome john. this link from prc is really useful.

  2. Hello, I recently lost my ID and I can't remember my teaching license number. Is there a way PRC can give the information as to my teaching license number? I need it badly. Thank you!

    1. PRC online verification doesn't show the license number anymore (it used to show the number). The only way for you get your license number is to go to the PRC office.