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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

People : Francis Kong - Author and Motivational Speaker

Before he became the very much in-demand motivational and international speaker that he is now, I have been a follower of his column in the Philippine Star:Business Matters. It was in that newspaper where I first came across the name of Francis Kong. I seldom read articles written by Filipino-Chinese authors because I thought they were better entrepreneurs than writers.(Talk about biases!) But after reading Mr. Francis Kong's column, that impression changed. I became a regular reader of his column. 

His column: "Business Matters" is not really about business, may be just part of it. It's about good business ethics, good character, leadership, relationships, success and other important subjects in business and life. He would also write about God and spiritual matters, but is never preachy. But just like the "good book" you either feel good or guilty  after reading his column.

I have the chance of meeting him in person when he was a guest speaker in one conference I attended, and he was very humble and approachable. He is not a speaker with a dramatic and booming voice, in fact he is a bit of a monotone, but once he talks you will listen. Sometimes you can also hear him on FM radio. (Why do I feel old saying FM radio?)

I have missed reading his column in the newspaper for quite sometime now and I'm just glad to know that he is now online with his FB page and website: . I hope that I would have the chance to listen to Mr.Kong in person again, but for the moment I would be glad to listen to his podcasts which are available in his website. If you have not heard him speak yet, download and listen to his podcasts, he just might get you motivated and inspired about your business and life.

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