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Friday, February 22, 2013

Petition : Saving Manila Bay and Our Sunset

The Beautiful Manila Bay Sunset
I studied in one of the universities in Intramuros, and one of the places we used to go to kill time before going to class or study before an exam was at the Rizal Park, particularly in that small pocket park area behind the Grandstand. It was a good place go, alone or with friends. That place was also a dating place for couples, and a picnic place for families and"barkadas". The best time to go there was late in the afternoon during sunset. And the best place to sit was along the sea wall or the benches facing the sea.

The last time I went to this place was when a a balikbayan cousin invited me to a dinner in one of those seafront restaurants, two years ago. The place had changed a lot, most of the area is now a parking lot. The seawall area where we used to watch the sunset is almost gone, replaced by the Manila Ocean Park and restaurant expansions.  I was saddened with what I saw. Yes, there were new development and tourist attractions, but the sunset viewing spots were gone.

For many Manilans, it is a ritual to go to the Rizal Park and the Roxas Blvd seawall to watch the beautiful sunset of Manila Bay. Watching the sunset is a mesmerizing and an almost spiritual experience. Seeing a big orange fireball going down the horizon with the sky changing its hues with all the shades of red, orange, blue, violet, magenta as it goes down is just something out of this world. Very few cities or places have sunsets, but fewer are places with a beautiful sunset. And Manila has one of the most beautiful sunset in this planet.

Nowadays, if you want to see an unobstructed view of the famous Manila Bay sunset, you have to go to the seawall along Roxas Blvd. between the US Embassy and the Manila Yacht Club. This is the only location now left to see the sunset along Roxas Blvd. But soon, the sunset view will be obstructed by a new real estate development in this area. A big portion of the Manila Bay between the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the US Embassy will be reclaimed and developed into a commercial hub.

We hope that that day will never come when we will never see the sunset along Roxas Boulevard anymore. If ever that day comes, Manila's sunset years has come.

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