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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Information : One-Stop Government Center at Ali Mall - Araneta Center

Many of us ---Filipinos—are always complaining, some are even fed up, with how our government offices provide their services to the citizenry. In our dealings with these offices, we often encounter the arrogance and discourtesy of  many civil servants, corruption in the government, and the very frustrating bureaucratic  red tape. 

But just when we thought that the quality government service in the country is a hopeless case, we see some glimmers of hope.

I recently accompanied a relative to a DFA satellite office to renew a passport and was expecting a very long queue and endless waiting in a very hot cramped place, but to my surprise the whole satellite office was comfortable (air-conditioned, with spacious receiving area with good seats), with very courteous civil servants,  and fast service.
This new DFA satellite office is located at the recently opened Ali Mall Government and Banking Center-Araneta Center Cubao, a one-stop government service center where the following government offices and institutions are located : Department of Foreign Affairs; PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG; DTI; SSS; SEC; PhilPost; LTO; NBI; Quezon City City Hall Business Permit and Licensing Branch, and Barangay Socorro Barangay Permits Branch.(Barangay Socorro in Quezon City is the barangay where Araneta Center is included). Government and private banks are also located at the center : Land Bank; BPI; Union Bank; and Security Bank. All these locators are housed on the third level of the Ali Mall, the same level where you will find the cinemas and its sprawling fast food center. The fast food center is right outside the government offices which is very convenient for those who are about to start or just have finished their transactions to have their meals or snacks. Despite being on the same floor with the cinemas and the fast food center, the place is very spacious and not cramp. Most of the government office locators, e.g. DFA, NBI, are already open for service , but others like LTO are still to open.

There are also other satellite government offices in other malls but  they have limited government office locators. The government center at the Ali Mall is quite exceptional, and a (more) complete one-stop center for many different government services. I hope they will also include a PRC satellite office as one of the locators to service our professionals. 

Ali Mall Government and Banking Center at Araneta Center
Kudos to the Ali Mall management and the Araneta family for allowing this government center to be located in their shopping mall. Their partnership with the Quezon City local government and the national government will really do a great service to the mall customers, residents of Quezon City and of other nearby cities and towns. 

So if you are planning of renewing your passports; getting an NBI clearance; registering or renewing your business; paying your PhilHealth insurance, SSS and PAGIBIG amortization, etc., go now to the Ali Mall Government and Banking Center. 

Two Thumbs Up for this government effort to decentralize its services, and for giving good service and convenience to the citizenry! 

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