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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Places : The Blue Lagoon at Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

When we talk about Pagudpud we think of Saud Beach, that long stretch of golden-colored sand beach where most people go if they are in Pagudpud. But Pagudpud is not just Saud beach, there is a new beach destination being develop about 18 kilometers farther north near the  boundary of Cagayan province called the Blue Lagoon. The place is quite remote but the beach is very pristine. Coming from the main national hi-way, there is only one access road going to the place that still needs paving and asphalting.

The Blue Lagoon is a cove with creamy-white sand  and aqua-blue seawater, surrounded by forest and mountains on the land side, and protruding rock islands  and corals on the sea side. It has better surrounding sceneries compared to Saud beach but a smaller beachfront area. At the moment there is only one good hotel/resort existing along the beachfront  but there are plenty of private cottages offering transient accommodations for those who want to stay overnight. There are also a lot of beachfront nipa hut and gazebos for day-long shelter if you just want to swim at the beach.

The Blue Lagoon is really a beautiful beach and one of the best I have seen up North. Here are some pictures I have taken and see for yourselves if it's a beach worthy of the long trip to Ilocos Norte.

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  1. Philippines are really a great place to live for. Pagudpud Ilocos Norte is one of the places that much tourist love it most to travel and it has a lot of attractions that’s why they are really much enjoying to experience to travel.

  2. Thanks for the comment Greg,indeed Pagudpud is one of the best places to visit in Ilocos Norte. Beside the many great beaches along its coast, there are still a lot of other places to go nearby. With the warm Ilocano hospitality and delicious delicacies its worth the long trip to Ilocos.