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Monday, May 07, 2012

Information : List of PhilRES Members in Good Standing (Updated as of 10/19/12)

Updated List of Members in Good Standing by PhilRES  : As of August 16, 2012

Here is the initial list of PhilRES members in good standing as published today ( May 07, 2012 ) at the official Facebook account of PhilRES-AIPO : .

This is only the initial and partial list of members, whose PhilRES membership form and membership payment,  has already been reconciled and issued  with official receipt.
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Please click link below to see the complete list of members in good standing with official receipt no. :
PhilRES Updated list as of August 16, 2012
PhilRES Updated list as of September 08, 2012
PhilRES Updated list as of October 19, 2012

Note : Some of the entries do not have corresponding names and appears only as OR Number.  If this is your case please read procedures and go to the link below  :
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