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Monday, December 03, 2012

Information : Supertyphoon Pablo's Path and Direction

Here is a map of the path of "Supertyphoon Pablo". Superimposed on the map are data coming from three meteorological agencies namely : Pagasa (Phil), Joint Typhoon Warning Center (US), and the Japanese Meteorological Agency. The data from these three meteorological agencies basically give the same path and direction, but some directional deviations occur  on the latter path of the typhoon.

Supertyphoon Pablo is a reminder of last year's Typhoon Sendong which brought about great devastation, flooding and a considerable number of deaths in different parts of Mindanao. The two typhoons have an almost identical paths and both occurring in the month of December. But the main difference of the two typhoons is : Typhoon Sendong was just an ordinary tropical storm with lots of rain while incoming Typhoon Pablo is a "supertyphoon" with very strong winds. We hope  and pray that Typhoon Pablo doesn't bring in much rain that would cause flooding and landslides.

Let's all prepare well this time, and apply the lessons we learned from Typhoon Sendong.
And let's help our neighbors and other people in case of emergency. Be safe everyone.

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Path of Supertyphoon Pablo
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