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Friday, January 18, 2013

Development : Circuit Makati - Makati's New Entertainment District

Circuit Makati Events Ground
Circuit Canopy- An open air entertainment venue
Circuit Makati- Makati's New Entertainment District

The Eastwood City in Quezon City, the Mall of Asia Complex and the Newport Entertainment City in Pasay City, The Fort in Taguig City are just some of the latest mixed-use development projects  that have sprung up in Metro Manila in recent years. These places are micro-cities which include all facets of development in one place. Though these places  have a lot in common with regard to mixed-use development components (residential, business, entertainment, etc) , they also have  distinguishing  features and attractions which make them unique. These developments have their own designs, themes, services and specialized locators. They also have particular niche markets to cater to. The Newport Entertainment City for example, with its gaming and casino component, is high-rollers' haven; while Eastwood City, with its canine-friendly establishments, is dog-owners' favorite. 

Soon, another mixed-use development project is joining the fray : Circuit Makati. Makati City, with its premier business and commercial districts, is not resting on its laurels yet. With this new development, Makati will soon have its new entertainment district. 

What is particularly interesting about this new development is its location along the Pasig River. This will be the first major mega-development along the banks of the Pasig River. ( Though there's one pocket development called Acqua Private Residences, a condominium complex being built by Century Properties across the other side of the river, in Mandaluyong. But this is minuscule compared to the 21-hectares Circuit Makati project ). 

With the improving quality of the waters of the Pasig River, more developments are expected to rise along its banks. Soon, properties along the banks of Pasig River will be one of the most expensive real estate properties in Metro Manila, with the scenic river view giving these properties a big premium. And with the start of Circuit Makati development along the river bank, let's hope that  a coordinated effort (by the private and government sector) to develop and beautify the whole stretch of the river and its tributaries, from Pasig City up to its Manila Bay estuary would also soon begin. The Pasig River had really been long neglected and is an untapped tourist attraction of Metro Manila.

Metro Manila literally started and grew from small dwelling settlements along the banks of Pasig River in the olden days. Centuries later ,when the Spaniards came, they also constructed the Walled City of Intramuros along the bank of the river. Intramuros, then  became the focal point of other developments and all activities in the Pasig River.

Now, with the development of Circuit Makati along the bank of the Pasig River, this symbolically completed the circuit of development in the Pasig River where all settlements in Manila started. 

Below is a brief description  of the project from the Circuit Makati webpage :
"Circuit Makati is a 21-hectare mixed-use development on the former Sta. Ana Racetrack property of the Philippine Racing Club Inc. (PRCI).  Soon to rise as Makati’s entertainment district, Circuit is  poised to be the unequivocal destination for all things entertainment – with its world-class indoor theatre, multipurpose entertainment spaces and open grounds integrated with commercial, hotel and residential blocks.  A collaboration among Ayala Land, Inc., PRCI and the City of Makati, Circuit completes the vision for Makati to be a leading city for entertainment, lifestyle and business."
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The former Santa Ana Racetrack is the site of Circuit Makati 
(See oval with Carmona label on map)
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