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Friday, October 19, 2012

Information : House Resolution No. 2828 States that All RESPs be AIPO Member

To All PRC-Licensed Real Estate Service Practitioners : 

For the past several months, due to lack of information dissemination, incorrect information from some quarters and plain ignorance of the law, many licensed real estate practitioners have not joined the AIPO : PhilRES (Philippine Institute of Real Estate Service Practitioners Inc.)  as mandated by Republic Act No. 9646. 

As per the By-laws of PhilRES, licensed real estate service practitioners are required to be members of this organization for them to be able to get their AIPO number which is one of the  basic requirements of the Professional Regulation Commission in renewing their licenses. 

Unfortunately, today October 19, 2012 is the deadline for membership in PhliRES to be included in this year's roster of  "members of good standing" to be forwarded to PRC. 

In connection to the above AIPO membership requirement, House Resolution No. 2828 [dated September 28, 2012] from the The House of Representatives Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation, is circulated today by PhilRES-Quezon City Chapter President : Mr. Rico Sevilla in his personal FB page to clear-up confusions that may give rise to unnecessary violation of RA9646 by some misled and misinformed practitioners. 

The House Resolution  specifically states :

"The membership in the AIPO of a real estate service practitioner duly registered with the Board arises by operation of law, leaving the practitioner no discretion whatsoever not to be a member thereof."

Fellow real estate service practitioners I think this is loud and clear! Join the PhilRES-AIPO "now"! Go to the nearest BDO branch today, you only have a few hours to pay your membership dues. I repeat : "TODAY IS THE DEADLINE."

( Please see full text of House Resolution No. 2828 by clicking link below )


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Here is Mr. Rico Sevilla's FB Post :

The House of Representatives Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation has spoken thru House Resolution 2828.

Real estate service practitioners must be members of the law mandated AIPO - PhilRES.

All real estate service practitioners are enjoined to be compliant of RA 9646 and be 

members of the recognized AIPO for the real estate service - PhilRES !!!

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