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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Trends : Will the Philippines be the Next Internet's Black Hole?

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Will the Philippines be included in this map soon or not?

The Cybercrime Law is turning into a Cybercrime Scandal, Cybercrime Fiasco or Cybercrime-gate  (call it what you want!) and this is just the beginning. With the way events are unfolding, it looks like it's going to be a big tsunami for the Aquino administration if it does not handle this situation carefully and wisely.

The controversial law has started to gain worldwide notoriety. And the whole wide world (www) and the world wide web (www) Netizens want to know what's going to happen next. Partly, Netizens worldwide are watching us because of the residual fame we got from the"People's Power" (i.e. nonviolent democratic protests) and for being one of the most active Netizens in this side of the globe. But mainly, they are watching to support us in another struggle for freedom, and luckily this time they are joining us as fellow Netizens of the WWW republic. Because whatever would be the outcome of this "Cybercrime-gate" could become a precedent  to other Netizens in other parts of the world.

From having one of the freest internet in the world, the Philippines might soon be listed as one of the "Internet's Black Holes"[1] in the world. Filipino Netizens, let us never make this happen. Let's all unite for a free internet!

[1] They represent the 15 countries that limit or prohibit their citizens’ access to internet as a way of censoring the free flow of information.
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