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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trivia : The Philippines - Most Emotional Country in the World

Filipinos the most emotional? I always thought the Italians are the most emotional people in the world. I had a chance of working with Italians for quite awhile and mind you the workplace was full of  drama. The scenes that you see in "The Godfather" movies are normal ( except for the killing of course ) everyday scenes with Italians around. They laugh, curse, talk, show affection in the full spectrum of emotions, couple that with their thick Italian accent, it's an opera.

But despite their being emotional and prone to sudden burst of temper, the Italians are one of the nicest nationalities I had worked with.

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Most emotional countries
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Let me go back to the original topic : Filipinos the world's most emotional people?
There was one incident where a  fellow Filipino engineer and our Italian supervisor fought in the company where I used to work. They had a fist fight and if it were not for the intervention of cooler heads either one of them might have had ended up in the hospital. There was a lot of cursing and emotions while two engineers settled their differences.The Filipino engineer was more intense, and emotional in proving his point. In the end, our Italian supervisor ended up apologizing to the Filipino engineer.

If a Filipino can "out emote" an Italian, then I guess the survey is right, we are the most emotional. I hope that also translates to a higher EQ (emotional quotient) and not being emotionally challenged.

But the survey is not just about one end of the emotional spectrum, it encompasses the whole bandwidth of emotion: happy, sad and other emotions in between. To quote the article : "Filipinos were the most likely to admit feeling both positive and negative emotions"

I guess there is also some positive note to the survey when the article mentions :
Bloomberg Businessweek quotes Gallup’s Jon Clifton as saying: “If you measure Singapore by the traditional indicators, they look like one of the best-run countries in the world. But if you look at everything that makes life worth living, they’re not doing so well.”

Okay Pinoys, don't cry now!

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