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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Information : LRA On-line Registry of Deeds Directory

Are you looking for some information regarding a particular Registry of Deeds Office in the country?e.g. address/location, name of registrar or contact number

Use the LRA On-line Registry of Deeds Directory.

LRA RD Directory Infographic Map

Here's how to use the LRA On-line RD Directory :

1. Click link below to go to the LRA On-line RD Directory :
An infographic map similar to the map above will appear on a new window.

2. Click on the infographic map the tag with the region's name where the RD you are looking for is located.
Example :
Click CAR tag ( Cordillera Autonomous Region) on the infographic map and it will give you a table with the addresses, the names of the registrars and the contact numbers of all RD offices located in the CAR.

Source :


  1. Why your on line tracking system always appears "your transaction expires"

  2. Your records are erroneous. It says my business transaction was closed in March, but the Caloocan City LRA assessment and my payment were made only in April.I wonder where you got your data.

  3. how can i apply the PHILARES-eTD

  4. how many weeks encoding for Registered Land in Registry of Deeds in Caloocan, almost 1 month na ang papers namin dun encoding pa rin.

  5. bakit ang tagal ng transaction namin mag 1 year na, wala pa rin..EPEB:2013003291

  6. kailan kaya matapos ang transaction EPEB:2013003291

  7. kailan kaya matapos ang transaction EPEB:2013003291

  8. Hello ! follow lang po matagal na to transaction namin sana matulungan ninyo po ako EPEB number : 496/2013000309