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Friday, March 01, 2013

Interesting Events : The Sabah Standoff - The Point of No Return

They have done it. They finally decided to end the 17-day standoff. The Malaysian police and security forces finally ended their siege on the Sultanate of Sulu's followers by attacking them with gunfire, which resulted in a firefight with the followers. The firefight ended with fourteen casualties: twelve Sultanate followers and two Malaysian police officers.

But the big question now is : Did the decision to attack the Sultanate's followers really ended the standoff? Or it just ushered the standoff into the point of no return. No more negotiations for the Malaysians, and no surrender 'til death for the Sultanate's followers.

The Malaysians succeeded to scatter, scare and demoralize the Sultanate's followers, but they created martyrs out of the twelve followers they killed. Now it's not only about the Sabah claim anymore, but also vengeance for the twelve martyrs who shed their blood for Sabah.

It wasn't a prudent move for  the Malaysians. The killing of the Sultanate's followers forfeited and ended their role as peace broker and negotiator for the Mindanao peace process. How will they talk about peace, justice and tolerance now? They lost their credibility as peacemakers. And with what they did, they practically included Sabah to the Mindanao conflict. The Malaysians really bungled big time. 

Not unlike the Sabah standoff, the twelve martyrs of Sabah have gone to the point of no return. Peace be upon them.

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