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Friday, March 15, 2013

People : Pope Francis I - Roman Catholics' New Pope

Argentina's Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the new Catholic Pope
Pope Francis I - Roman Catholic Church New Pope
Congratulations to all our Catholic friends and relatives, they have a new Pope : Pope Francis I.

Many non-Catholics may not have paid much attention to what has been going on at the Vatican City these past few days, they just didn't realize that the outcome of this very significant event in the Catholic Church would have a big impact on world affairs. The Pope who is the leader of the world's smallest state (Vatican City) and the largest group of believers, is one of the most powerful and influential person in the world. A good pope would definitely be favorable not only for the Catholics, but also for people of different beliefs and religious persuasions.

With all the problems besetting the Vatican and Catholic Church nowadays, they need a very good pope to lead and manage the Church. Reports say that the new Catholic Pope is "a brilliant and a very humble priest". His namesake St. Francis of Assisi must be very happy in heaven then, having chosen the saint's name for his papacy. We hope that the new Pope would live up to St. Francis' humility and simplicity of life.

Habemus Papam!

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