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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Trivia : Who Says Philippine Road Infrastructures are Substandard?

Filipinos are always complaining about the substandard road infrastructures in the country. You would normally hear these complaints and whinings during the rainy season, when the asphalt and cement potholes start appearing on the road causing inconvenience to road users, particularly the drivers. Well, maybe many of our roads' asphalting are substandard because contractors are scrimping on asphalt and cement due to their minimal profit margin on their government road project contracts.(I guess you already know why?)

The next time you complain about our roads being substandard, remember this picture below. It's a picture of a collapsed fly-over at Cyberjaya in Malaysia. So far, nothing of this kind has happened in the country yet.(Hopefully not!) Yes, we had some bridges collapsing in the past caused by strong earthquakes and overflowing rivers carrying illegally cut logs, but a newly-built fly-over collapsing for no reason is something else. This is what you call substandard. 

So you still think we have substandard road infrastructures?

A collapsed fly-over in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

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