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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rants : Why are the Chinese Filipino Communities So Silent on the Abuse of Filipinos in Taiwan?

I am reprinting a portion of Philippine Star columnist  Federico Pascual's article on his Postscript column dated May 19, 2013. I hope that the Taiwanese people (the new generations) would read his article and realize that the Philippines was one of the few countries who helped the Kuomintang Chinese, and gave them refuge when communist forces were pursuing them after their defeat.  Some of them remained in the Philippines and became citizens and residents of the country.

The irony of it is that : the Taiwanese (whom the Filipinos helped during the Chinese civil war) are now badly treating and  hurting the Filipinos (OFWs) in Taiwan. But what is bothersome is the silence of the Chinese Filipino communities on the abuse of Filipinos (OFWs) by the Taiwanese. Their silence is quite "deafening". Haven't heard any of them condemn the abuses committed by the Taiwanese on OFWs. Do they even care? I believe they do. Because this is not about race or nationality, it's about people needing help.

The Chinese Filipino communities should immediately exert efforts to help these hapless OFWs and help our government rescue them from the Taiwanese. They could use whatever leverage or influence they have with Taiwan or even China to help the Filipinos be protected or rescued from the Taiwanese.

Mga kababayang Tsinoy, please help the OFWs in Taiwan.

Taiwanese are now not just burning Philippine flags
but also hurting Filipinos(OFWs) in Taiwan
"When communist hordes overran China in 1949 in the concluding chapter of a civil war, the Philippines gave aid and sanctuary to Kuomintang Chinese fleeing the mainland on way to Taiwan. Many of them settled in Manila and flourished in business.

Now they are treating us like rubbish just because one of them was killed by stray bullets when their boat intruded into Philippine waters last Wednesday and tried to ram a Coast Guard craft that accosted it.

The President of the Philippines humbled himself and apologized for the unfortunate death of one of the Taiwanese intruders – but this was rejected by Taipei as “insincere.”

Next time we feel like apologizing to a neighbor, especially if he is a renegade Chinese, we should find out first if the apology would be accepted."

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