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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Places and Travel : Philippine Direct Flights to Brazil - No Visa Required for Filipinos

Good news for Filipino travelers, there will soon be direct flights between Brazil and the Philippines. And there will be no hassles of applying for a Brazilian visa, because Filipinos are not required visa to enter Brazil. Filipinos planning to visit Brazil will now spend lesser airfare and will have shorter travel time, this also means that more Pinoys would have a chance to go and watch the FIFAWorld Cup on 2014, and join the grandest festival on earth : the Rio Carnival.

Besides being a  beautiful country, what makes Brazil a good place to visit are the Brazilian people. I heard they are one of the the nicest people on earth, in fact, a survey conducted ranked the Brazilians as the "least rude people on earth". A beautiful country with great and interesting culture, and nice people at that, Brazil is indeed a perfect place go and visit.

Aqui chegamos Brasil!

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