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Monday, November 04, 2013

Trivia : New Coastal Map of the Philippines if All of the Earth's Ice Melt

If the global warming continues, the time will come when the rising earth's temperature would reach a point that would melt all of the ice in the world, particularly the polar ice caps. This melted ice would drain into the sea, increasing the sea level in unprecedented level. It is estimated that the current sea level would rise by 216 feet (approximately 72 meters) creating new shorelines in all the continents and countries with coastal waters. 
If this scenario happens, which countries would be submerged into the sea? Most of the small and low lying island countries would disappear from the world map. In the Philippine archipelago, some inland parts and islands would be submerged. Metro Manila and Central Luzon would be gone, and a big island would be created out of Pangasinan and Zambales provinces.(Please see map)
It will be a global catastrophe if all of the earth's ice melt. But the good news is: the melting of the earth's ice is a long process. It would take thousands of years for the ice to completely melt, and it is preventable. We can impede and prevent this melting process if we would do our share of reducing the carbon footprint of our planet. Indeed, the future of the earth and our lands is in our hands.

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