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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Information : Land Registration Authority A2A (Anywhere-to-Anywhere) and PVS Services

Did you know that you can already get a certified true copy of a land title and print-out of the parcel/lot configuration even if the property is located in another city, province or region? 

Just go to LRA Central Office Kiosk, LRA Extension Office in Dasmariñas, Cavite or any computerized Registry of Deeds Office anywhere in the country. No need to go to the RD office where the property was originally registered.

This mutual service of the LRA and the Registry of Deeds is a big help to property owners and real estate practitioners needing the above mentioned documents. The A2A and PVS services of LRA and RD were started October last year.  

Two Thumbs-Up for the Land Registration Authority and the Registry of Deeds for these very innovative and valuable service to the public.

Anywhere-to-Anywhere Service (A2A)

Clients many now request for a Certified True Copies of Titles, which are kept in and under the jurisdiction of any Computerized Registry located in other parts of the country, by going to the nearest Registry of Deeds or Extension Office.  

This service shall help save time and money for travelling/logistical expenses, in case the titles subject of the request are located across the country.

It is already operational at the Computerized Registries of Deeds, LRA Central Office Kiosk and LRA Extension Office in Dasmariñas, since October 11, 2012 under the LRA Memorandum dated October 4, 2012.

 Parcel Verification Service (PVS)

Clients may now request for print-outs of their land parcel/lot configuration, based on the Technical Description of the original Title kept in the Registry.  

This service may be requested using the A2A facility of RDs - requests for PVS of a Title kept in another Registry may be processed in the nearest Registry or Extension Office. 

Starting October 29, 2012, the PVS shall be available in all Computerized Registries of Deeds,  LRA Central Office Kiosk and LRA Extension Office in Dasmariñas, under LRA Memorandum dated October 17, 2012.

LRA Memorandum

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  1. I will not comment, i have a question and i need an answer badly. My question are
    1. it is possible you change the TCT ownership or the name in your name even if your not legally adopted?
    2. the said owner had a child, a boy but sad to say it is also pass away. certified or it will honor the documents that this love child sign up with out any other relatives testify or prove that he sign up w/out force or whatever?
    Please answer this immediately. Thanks a lot....