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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Places : Boracay Takes No.1 Spot on Asia's Top 10 Beach Destination

Need we say more? The best beach in the world is right here in our country. Consistently on the top of surveys as one of the "Best Beach" in the world, travelers and beach enthusiasts this time have put Boracay on the top spot as the No.1 beach destination in Asia for 2012 beating the other contending beach destinations in Asia. Boracay doesn't need to prove anything anymore.

But Boracay is in danger of over-development. For those people who have gone and seen Boracay twenty five or thirty years ago, Boracay then is different from the Boracay now. Then, most of Boracay's accommodations and hotels were made of native materials and designs which blended well to the island's atmosphere of island living. Electric power was limited and provided only by private generators for limited hours. Most of the houses in the island were lit with "lamparas" and candles. The island residents were very much kinder. All the beaches, specially the popular White Beach were really pristine. It was very beautiful then. It is still beautiful now but indeed development and commercialization has its price. Anyway, it is still "Asia's No1 beach destination". Go visit now!

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