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Monday, March 26, 2012

Travel : NAIA Terminal 1- Ranks 2nd of 10 Worst Airport Terminals in the World

NAIA Terminal 1

I have heard it so many times that our airport (NAIA 1) is one of the worst. Having traveled to other countries and seen some of the most  efficient and beautiful airports  (Changi, Dubai, Rhiyadh, Hongkong) I have accepted the fact that our airport is really old or  bad - structure-wise or design-wise. 
Recently, I read surveys on the worst airports and surely NAIA 1 is always included in them. 
I read the surveys to find out what were the criteria and reasons why an airport is considered bad or worst. Knowing one of the reasons  for the inclusion  of NAIA 1 in the  10 worst airport of the world really made me feel disappointed. I would understand if the reasons for inclusion are : bad building design ( it's a very old airport there's nothing you can do about it ) or  rude airport staffs (this is not only in Manila, I have encountered ruder airport staffs at airports in Bangkok and Hongkong, I think it's something common in all airports.) 

But if the reason is dirty, no water and not working toilets  I think something is very wrong. This has been the complaint and problem at the NAIA 1 for as long as I can remember. This is not a problem that requires a genius to solve it. It's just basic cleaning and maintenance.  I don't even think the problem requires much money. With the P700 terminal  fee collected from each of  the thousands of OFW and tourists leaving everyday I think that is more than enough to get funds from to solve this problem.( They even reduced the terminal fee recently, so it's definitely not a funding problem). Why didn't any of the past NAIA 1 terminal managers or the current one able to solve this problem? I hope somebody can enlighten me on this matter.

Attention Mr. Dante Basanta, (NAIA Terminal 1 Manager). What's going on Sir?

Here's one of the recent surveys and what it says about NAIA Terrminal 1 : 
( Source : 

     Manila Airport Terminal 1, Philippines

Last May, the ceiling at Manila airport's Terminal 1 caved in, injuring two people. That's part of why Sleeping in Airports rated it the world's worst terminal last year."The terminal has been a frequent target of criticism with travellers and the business community complaining it is congested, run-down and filthy, with toilets that do not work," Agence France Presse commented. According to, bribery and theft are also rampant in the terminal. The negative press attention seems to have had some effect; this November the Philippine government said it would renovate the terminal starting in January. It looks like changes can't come too soon.

JFK Airport Terminal 3
          10  Worst Airport Terminals
  • 1) JFK Airport Terminal 3, New York City
  • 2) Manila Airport Terminal 1, Philippines
  • 3) Moscow Sheremtyevo Airport Terminal B/C, Russia
  • 4) Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi
  • 5) Paris -- Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 3
  • 6) Amman Queen Alia Airport
  • 7) LaGuardia Airport US Airways Terminal, New York City
  • 8) Newark Airport Terminal B
  • 9) "Paris" Beauvais Airport, France
  • 10)  Chicago Midway Airport
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